BMW X3 xDrive30 confirmed /Z4 sDrive35?

Not major news by any account but the name change of the X3 3.0si has been officially confirmed.As we mentioned here several months back BMW will be readjusting their naming schemes due upcoming regulations. So following the same rules as the X6 in naming the X3 will follow as is the X5 xDrive35.

This still leaves us wondering what the new name of the upcoming “Z ” will be if there is more than one engine version.Is it possible that if a 4 cylinder engine is an option it would be the Z4 and if it is a 6 it would be the Z6? We will let you know as soon as we hear!

Update No sooner was this written it was brought to our attention that BMW has already given us a clue to the possible naming game of the next Z4, sDrive.

sDrive, as in SPORT drive could be utilized in much of the same way Xdrive is. Last year BMW filed for a trademark on ‘ “sDrive “. According to the trademark application it lists applications as: electronics, motors, transmissions, differentials, axles, brakes and coupling drive shafts, gear change and gear reduction mechanisms in the nature of gearboxes, gear shifts and gear wheels. This could be what we were originally clued in on as “Agile Drive ” but details are still thin.

BMW has also registered trademarks on a possible vehicle names, such as: sDrive35, sDrive18, sDrive20, sDrive30.

So we could see: Z4sDrive35

Sources:United States Patent and Trademark Office

additionally, LeftLaneNews via Google.

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  • cct1

    So if the much rumored Z2 comes out, does that mean it will be a 2 cylinder?

  • cct1- Doubt it! At this point who knows if it will even be a “Z2”. I was just commenting on how they will name the confirmed E89…. It may even turn into the “2” series or “4” series. What we do know is that the current “Z4 3.0i/si will no longer be able to be used.

  • Matt

    Has Bimmerfile reported on the new regulations and why they’re affecting the model designation in this way?

  • We have not provided direct information on the regulation specifically. What we do know is that it relates to displacement being used in addition to the name of the vehicle. For example the X3 3.0 si , the X5 4.4i have the displacement as the identifier. We have been unable to find the specific regulation BMW cited for the change or more details since we originally broke this news months ago.

  • Tim

    These names are stupid. The end.

  • TMQ

    Such names are terrible. Just call it X330. or Z220 (for the 2 liter turbo).

  • Jon

    Think these naming conventions are typical of politicians that really should spend some time working on real issues.

    Really are there that many morons that buy a car without checking out under the hood? I believe this is a case for natural selection within our breed! 😉

  • SF Dede

    Sounds like the work of San Francisco politicians.

  • Ben

    Does the name change applies as soon as the 09′ model year? Will the twin turbo shows up too?

    That is x3 xDrive3.5 rather than x3 xDrive3.0

    I am hoping there will be an engine upgrade to give it an edge over the 09 Audi Q5.

  • I do not think we will see an engine upgrade at this time, the car will be decommissioned very soon and I have not seen or heard of any X3’s testing new drive-trains. My source on this confirmed that the 2009 X3 30 is now able to be ordered.

  • RJ

    This new naming convention sucks…pure and simple. Hope this isn’t too crude.

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