BMW 5/6 series to get updated iDrive?

In a strange turn of events we realized that unless BMW USA made an error on their website the 2009 5er and 6er will also be receiving the new iDrive system. We had originally been told the 5 would get the update but the latest materials we obtained did not state this. Jonathan Spira has informed us that there is indeed an error in the website so the 5/6 will NOT get the new iDrive.

The following from the BMWUSA website discussing Navigation for European delivery, BMW will now be loading all cars available for Euro pickup with the new maps (they will be on the hard disk prior to Welt pickup).

Navigation If you have ordered Navigation on your new BMW, beginning with 2009 models, all Europe maps will be automatically loaded when you pick up your car in Munich. The only exception is X3 models, the process of ordering the DVD in advance of travel is still a requirement.

The X3 exclusion makes sense since the X3 system is the only model that will not have iDrive in the lineup for 2009, with iDrive being on its third rendition this really shows how antiquated the X3 is becoming and why it will not complete a full life cycle.

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  • 5 Rakete

    It would sure be nice if there was explicit confirmation and we didn’t have to infer these things. And what happened to the 555i?

  • The 5er and 6er are NOT getting the new CIC iDrive system.

    The BMW NA E.D. Web site is incorrect in this regard.

    You can regard this as quasi official if you wish.

  • Joe Bimmerfest

    This stinks.

  • Danniel

    I agree with Johnathan. I learned from a BMW employee that only the new 5 Series will be getting the iDrive, and the current version will still carry the old system.

    This is pretty much similar to what I read on another blog recently, I don’t have the direct link, but they mentioned the same thing.

  • Eli

    when the bmwusa website claims: “BMW will now be loading all cars available for Euro pickup with the new maps”….. must this mean that there is a harddrive? could bmw simply be implying that they would be loading the cars from a dvd rom in some cases?

  • Swingfan

    The BMW 5 (e60) will definítely get the new i-drive version. Introduction of the new controller early September, all deliveries from November on will include the new hard disc navi. I´ve reconfirmed this information with BMW officials here in Germany. Best regards, Swingfan

  • Eli, The 1 and 3 series will be getting a hard disk as we have been reporting. The site is in error with the 5/6. The X3 does not have iDrive. The X5/X6 are not for EU delivery. The Z4 has been decommissioned. That leaves the 7 which will not be available for a while.

    We were excited for the website info but thought there may be an error… our instincts were correct and are hopes were shot down!

  • Eli

    thanks Michael…your comments are valuable as always. One other issue Ive been thinking of is since the 3 series coupe is supposed to get a facelift next year… do you think the m3 coupe is going to receive a facelift as well at the same time? (I remember the when the last 3 series coupe got a facelift the M3 didnt change)…. was wondering what you thought on the issue. thanks.

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  • Eli

    the BMWUSA website was updated…. now it states that the 5 and 6 series will NOT be getting the new i-drive… i will copy the quote:

    All Europe” DVD is available by calling Navigation Technologies at 1-888-628-6277. The cost is $165 plus tax, shipping and handling. Starting with Model Year 2009, the Europe map will automatically be loaded into some of our BMW vehicles and a disc is not required. The only exception for Model Year 2009 is the 5 Series, 6 Series and X3 models, which will continuously require a Navigation DVD (see above steps to purchase one).

  • Ben

    That is disappointing. Mercedes seems to be doing a better job by updating the navigation/communication system for the 09′ E-Class despite the fact that 09 is also the last model year for the current E-Class.

  • James Olson

    My dealer just received my 2009 550i. And the interior picture surely looks like the new iDrive system.