BMWNA keeping us in the dark?

Today now has a link to the 2009 3 series sedan. Instead of telling us what the US version will have and what to expect this fall they link to the European press release.

The new 3 Series Sedan Breaks Cover The epitome of sporty style, the new 3 Series Sedan remains, as it has for years, one of the most widely sold premium vehicles in the world. The latest model includes a redesigned interior, restyled exterior and new safety and comfort technology. The new 3 Series Sedan will be available at BMW centers in fall 2008. Until then, explore the International Press Kit. Note: the European models includes slight variations from those that will be available in the U.S. The U.S. press release is coming soon.

If they would like some of us enthusiasts to write the press release I think we would be more than happy to help! It is troublesome to think that they are keeping everyone in the dark and speculating on what will be in order to possibly move a few more 2008 cars by leaving the possibility of something not being available in the US. The current lease programs and finance rates should be more than enough to move the current stock or is there something else holding them back from making things official?

What do you think?


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  • Balthazar B

    Makes you wonder what they mean by “slight variations”. I hope they’re so slight as not to mean DCT being available only on Euro and Australian E92/E93 335i models. Frankly, with it being common knowledge that there’ll be a major facelift on the coupe and cabrio a year from now, and with dim prospects for the US (not to mention the European) economy, they face a major problem if they DON’T make DCT available here for the ’09 model year. It would be a huge disincentive to purchase an ’09 coupe/cabrio model when it’ll not only be significantly inferior to the next model year, but to the current equivalent vehicles being sold everywhere else in the world.

  • Dan

    If they are holding back, that would hopefully mean some good news for what’s coming in the ’09s. The UK press release said all 3 series have direct injection…

  • Well, it looks like BMW decided to release the info

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  • Jon

    I am right with you Michael. I know releasing info is a game with them, with important consequences. I think however that keeping drivers focused on the 08 models at the expense of the 09’s is something that they should start addressing as we are getting so close to the 09’s already.