Official BMW USA 2009 E90 3 Series Info

No sooner do we question why BMW is keeping us in the USA in the dark and they go release the requested information! We now know the reason for the delay; there is no mention of the DCT in this piece BUT there is very little mention of the coupe (E92) or convertible (E93) so there is still some hope. There is also no mention of the internet via Connected Drive or the newer Efficient Dynamics technologies.

The only change engine wise is the Advanced Diesel in the 335d. There will not be a 335 wagon or a direct injection 330.

The iDrive will be updated as we have known for sometime and the remainder of the changes in appearanceand packaging (including a heated steering wheel) will occur.

All in all it is very similar to the UK just we are not worthy of the other engines, DCT (yet?) or Connected Drive.

Update It appears that the “XI ” badging may be history:

BMW’sacclaimed xDrive all-wheel drive is featured in the newly named 328i and 335i xDrive Sedans and 328i xDrive Sports Wagon

Those are going to be some LONG badges!

The full .PDF can be found here

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  • Ryan

    I didn’t see any mention of brake regeneration or control of the auxiliary units for fuel economy in the U.S. press release. Are these technologies, listed as standard in the international press release, not coming to the United States?

  • Jack

    I think BMW screwed up big time…If US isn’t getting the goodies like ROW, at this rate, I don’t think their 2009 e90 will sell well.

  • Jon

    Hmm was hoping to hear more DCT info, have my fingers crossed.

  • Dan

    So the prices should follow soon?

  • Cole

    It seems that BMW is sticking to the ways of the past and will wait a year to introduce an LCI in the E92, but do you think we are to infer that the ’09 E92 is or is not getting the updated iDrive? If it’s going to be in the E90, as well as the 1, 5, and 7 series, one would think it would be included in the E92 (even though it won’t be in the X3 either), but the BMWNA info is elusive on this and other things E92.

  • Mike S.

    It is disappointing to hear that the U.S. will not get the 335 (i OR i xDrive) wagon, as I would like to hope that there would be several people here in the U.S. who would buy it.

  • Brian

    Michael, A poster on e90post says they had an order accepted for an e92 today with the new i-drive. Was given a production number. Do you have access to the changes in the ordering system. Most interested in paint choices. Thanks

  • Brian, I have no news on the paint choices; everything appears to be the same from what I am told.