Spied: BMWs testing in Cali

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First, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts over the past few days, lots has been going on behind the scenes here at BimmerFile!

Next up are some real spy shots from Jeff Budzinski ‘s Flickr account. These shots he took show a variety of BMW models being tested in the heat of California. These may in fact be ///M versions of the X5 or X6 though we would hope them be performance versions (as BMW has given us in the past) with the ‘S ‘ adder to the badge.

The shots of the unwrapped X5 is our first glimpse of the bumper that will be on the higher performance performance models, we expect a similar look from the X6 once that loses the wire mesh.

The 1-series in this set is what is really interesting to us. Our insiders reported to us about a month ago that BMW was testing something new in the 1. Other clues we were given at the time were that the mule had a single blacked out tailpipe (like the 135i but only 1), different wheels and a kit similar to the current 135 though not identical, at the time we were unable to confirm this information but now that we do see BMW is testing something in the 1 we thought we would spill the beans! The car in this set is sporting EU lights so this is not a US spec car… Could this be the upcoming 4 cylinder turbo?

Thanks Jeff, for the photos!

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  • txdesign

    I have a production no. for an 09 1-series for October delivery. I would love to know how “upcoming” the 4 cyl is.

  • Dan

    4 cylinder turbo… what kind of power output can we expect? Would it be similar to the 128i, but with better economy? Or is this more along the lines of a tii?

  • Andy

    Is that the one with a possible high rev? Even if there is no high rev, it will still be cool to have some other options http://www.bmwblog.com/2008/04/09/rumoror-not-bmw-to-build-a-4-cylinder-twin-turbo-engine/

  • The information on the 4 cylinder is scarce at this time, we have heard bits and pieces from our sources but nothing that can be verified. Like I mentioned in the post, we had heard things but could not confirm so we did not want to get people overly excited about something the US may not see. With the photo of a 1 (EU) in the US testing it indicates that BMW is testing something and most fingers point to a 4 banger turbo.

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