2009 BMW ///M updates

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BMW M GmbH will be introducing some changes for the year 2009.All 2009 ///M cars will feature the new iDrive system. The information and photos are for EU models.

Most notably will be the change of the rear on the ///M3 sedan. There are new lights, a new rear bumper and trunk lid. On the interior there are new vent grills, modification to trim pieces and doors. The new start/stop button, new head rests (anti-whiplash), Space Grey (new to sedan) and Le Mans Blue paint will be utilized in all ///M3 applications, not just the sedan for this fall. The pearl chrome trim will also be available.

The M6 coupe will now offer a Competition package. The package consists of chassis improvements, including lowering by 12 millimeters at the front and 10 millimeters on the rear axle, custom Chassis control systems and forged aluminum wheels in double-spoke design. The Competition package will include visual distinctions such as a re-contoured hood, modified lights and other styling cues to give the car a more sporting character.

BMW M5 and BMW M6: New exterior mirrors with an enlarged field of vision and more Efficiency. BMW Efficient Dynamics technologies such as regenerative braking will also be featured in these models.

The US market should see all of these changes this fall as well. We will bring it to you when it is made official.

Source: BMW AG Press release

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  • eager2own

    I’m not sure I’d want to be the purchaser of the first year M3 only to have the “mid-cycle” refresh come in a year later.

  • I’ve wondered why BMW decided to do that as well, they could have released the sedan this fall with the updates instead of this past spring with the coupe but that may have cut into sales numbers and advertising too much… so instead the non-refreshed (original) version will be a collectors item in the future since it was in small numbers for short time!

  • Eliot R.

    Yes! Le Mans Blue finally makes it over here. Just a shame that it cant be ordered on something like a 135i.

  • Dan

    That is a great looking color.

  • Mike S.

    It’s a shame that the M-DCT won’t be available on the M5 and M6. It’d make both cars much more liveable.