From this week ‘s Autoexpress:

>The Isetta and Topolino are crucial to BMW and Fiat’s attempts to reduce the overall CO2 emissions of their ranges – but they will also offer buyers 100mpg fuel returns! Reviving a name not seen since the bubble car of the Fifties, the Isetta will take BMW into a new sector of the motoring market.

>It will be joined by the Fiat Topolino. Both machines will offer incredible fuel consumption and low emissions, as well as tiny dimensions, and rival the imminent VW up! and Toyota iQ.

>The Isetta will be hugely important, because it will help BMW comply with the European Commission’s plans to impose an average 120g/km limit on the model ranges of all firms selling cars across the Continent by 2012. And, as there are plans for an electric version, it would also enable the manufacturer to meet California’s upcoming zero-emissions vehicle legislation.

So it looks like the Fiat deal will not only help with the new MINI platform (which will be shared with the Fiat Mito) but BMW ‘s new “I ” car as well. You can read more below.

+ The 100mpg Fuel Buster