1 Series Diesel Hatch in the US

[pictobrowser 24869089@N02 72157606554550570]

While this car is probably not testing for the US market (or any market since it is not taped up at all) it still is ok to dream sometimes! We are fairly sure many of you would be interested in a 5 door hatch like this, in say: 123d form. It has about 200 HP, 295 ft/lbs. of torque and achieves around 44 mpg. in mixed driving. Performance wise this car can hit 60 in just under 7 seconds and has an available manual transmission so it is no slouch!

We highly doubt that BMW has plans to bring this to the states at this time. However, with the economy in a “slump ” and fuel prices on the rise a cheaper more efficient BMW offering at dealerships would be a welcomed sight.

These photos were taken in NJ not far from BMWNA headquarters so this car is most likely from there and possibly even used for a photo-shoot.

Would you have an interest in such as car or is BMW right for not offering the 1er hatch here, let alone it in diesel form?

Photos from:

EQU of BimmerFest

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  • Michael

    This would be the ideal replacement for our MINI Cooper (~31mpg combined). We’re looking for a bit more space (ie 2 more doors), high efficiency, and fun to drive.

    BMWNA please bring this over!

  • Considering my 135 is getting mid to high teens – at best – in mixed driving, the higher efficiency would be welcome. Would I give up the 0-60 in less than 5 seconds for that? Don’t know – for now, probably not as that’s not what I bought the 135 for. I bought it for fun, not efficiency. There are however I think a lot of people that would like the balance of fun, acceleration and high fuel economy.

    That said, it would also depend on the cost. In my opinion though, I think the market would absolutely welcome a Diesel option in many variations from BMW.

  • This would be the perfect car for me and my family. I love the hatch and 4 passenger doors. The mpg is also awesome. Don’t know if I could stomach the price, but it would be exactly what we need. Hope it comes to the US.

  • Jon

    Second that Michael, think there are more that there are more than a few people interested in the hatch.

  • Would definitely be interested, no question. Saw tons of these in Germany when we picked up our 328xiT, and was hoping it was going to be our 2nd car.

    BMW clearly feels burned by the 318ti reception, but I think the US public might be getting ready to snag some efficient, sporty 5-doors… if they’re not ready already!

  • Mark R

    Bring it! please..

  • Lee L

    Exactly, dnanian. The 1 series was already way different than the 318ti anyway so it would have done OK. Couple that with teh gas prices now and it should get a really good reception.

  • txdesign

    I would buy this in 123d Coupe form right now as long as it was priced in the 128 range. Not a fan of the 4-door hatch version from a design standpoint and I don’t need the space. The Mini’s success has shown that US buyers will embrace a premium priced hatch as long as it’s not a chopped version of the sedan (a la 318ti).

  • K-town

    I had a 120d loaner over here in Germany when my 318 was getting serviced. What an awesome car. Im completely puzzled why BMW doesnt want to bring these cars to the US market. I really wish they would sell 318d, 320d, 325d, etc. in the US. This one in the picture has an M-kit on it. Beautiful.

  • MJulian

    I would definitely be interested and be a potential buyer if BMW offered a 1 series hatch diesel in the United States. Even a 1 series hatch in general. They need to sale the 1 series hatch in the US.

  • BzK

    I just saw a 1 series hatch undisguised at downtown austin, TX. It was dark grey, didn’t believe my eyes as i didn’t know they had the hatch here at all

  • joe

    I would absolutely LOVE this car to become available in the states. Would definetly buy it.

  • Mike

    I would trade in my brand new 328i coupe for this RIGHT NOW. Please BMW, get this to the States!!!

  • Chaz

    I have seen one driving around Michigan. I would definately buy it over the coupe – but BMW could certainly do better on the styling of the 3/5 door.

  • Chuck

    BMW needs to get off their ass and bring the 1 Series diesel to the US. Especially in hatchback form, BMW needs to smarten up.

  • Doug

    The proportions of this car are just so much better than the coupe, IMO. Saw a few in Tokyo when I was over there. This beats the A3 up and down the block…

    The only thing that would kill its momentum in the US is not the hatch-configuration… that’s a plus… but the price. A $35k pricetag out the door would kill sales, no question. And that’s probably what they’d do, so you may as well leave it in Europe and Asia.

  • Dan

    Just bring us something with good gas mileage. All this “EfficientDynamics” only gets us 18-28 mpg? Not very impressive. Bring something with 40 and people will step back and say wow.

  • cBraunDesign

    I think they should bring us a 3 series with a smaller engine too. Something like the 318i. It doesn’t need to be a hatch, just something like a smaller more efficient engine that costs less than the 328. I know BMW has to maintain their “premium car” image with high powered engines, but give us something economical as an option. I know they’re bringing us the 335d, but why not a 320d option too?

  • shragon

    if they brought this over, i’d probably get it.

  • Spot

    Now a very popular car in Mexico, I just received the 120i 5 doors as a company car, the price tag is not to bad for a BMW 2009 $29,200 US all tax an tittle included

  • Welshdog

    I also saw the 1 series hatch in Austin TX. The ad agency that handles BMW USA a is based here. In fact I saw it right in front of their building. I bet some lucky creatives get to drive it while they figure out how to market it.