Vintage BMW rally in California

The BMW Vintage and Classic Car Club of America will be on the roads of California from 8/14 – 8/30 for their second US rally. The first occurred back in 2004 and was staged on the East Coast.

This years rally will begin in Aptos, Ca., head north to Eureka, then south onto Lake Tahoe and finally looping back to Aptos. When all is said and done the expected 65 or so vintage cars will drive around 2000 miles. Included in this rally will be cars from not only the US but from Europe as well. This event also coincides with, the top tier classic car events in the US, the Monterey Historic Automobile Races and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

So if you are cruising around in your BMW and see these rally participants give them some praise as these cars are not only historic but their passion!

Here is a PDF with more information.

Image from: BMWVCCA

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  • Balthazar B

    The information flyer indicates another document with the probable itinerary with dates…any possibility of putting a copy of that online? It would be nice to know when they’ll be passing through my neck of the woods (Napa Valley) so that I can keep an eye out.

  • JonPD

    Was traveling northbound on I-5 in Washington state and saw the 34-37 era 315/319 that looks very simular to the one on the far right of the photo. What a car!

    I would really love to attend this rally.

  • I can not locate the other document … I will try and email them and see if they can send it but since they are out on the road I doubt it!

  • We passed the rally outside of Garberville on the 101. I had never heard of this! Great looking cars!

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