BMWNA 2009 Prices

BMWNA has finally released MSRP pricing for the 2009 model year!! We have not had a chance to look it over in detail but looks like we expected…. stay tuned for more analysis but for now enjoy the PDF!

There was an update to this list, but it was a retraction of the X5 xDrive30i requiring the Premium Audio package until further notice…. that was a quick further notice!

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  • Neely Kountze

    What about the X5 Diesel Pricing?????

  • Chris B.

    All looks more than reasonable to me. Just wait til ’10 though, then we’ll all have something to really say about BMW NA’s pricing. The upshot of the eventual price increases will be some exclusivity returned at BMW.

  • txdesign

    As long as they leave option prices and delivery charges alone, I’ll swallow the increase on my 09 1-series. There really is no other car I am remotely interested in at the moment. The 3-series simply got too big for me.

  • Enzo

    Some of the posts on and are saying that this info has been pulled by BMWNA due to errors. Are you sure this “is” the correct pricing?

  • Dan

    For a 328i sedan (premium, sport, cold weather, metallic paint), if I did the calculations right, $1825 more for an ’09 than a pre-June price increase ’08.

  • BMW does not often make pricing errors; these things are reviewed a million times as they are bound by the pricing they list.

    Sounds like a CA may need to see what the allocations and profit margins are prior to making a deal.

    Also worth noting is that these were still available late in the day today, so if there were errors they would have been pulled.

    There are omissions…. such as the diesels.

    Also look at the prior standard equipment as on the 335s Logic 7 is no longer an option so in reality the price increase since early 2008 is substantia , med kits, and spare tires are now also extras on certain models.

  • Nick

    I guess will no longer “keep prices low” to trade exclusivity for market share. Hopefully the dollar will gain as to offset this somewhat because $34,000 grand for a base 3 series is laughable. Than again the 3-series has moved more upscale, or rather that is what they’d like you to believe.

  • I still think you get a lot for the money, even with higher prices. I’m only 3 months into my first Bimmer, but that’s where I stand currently. It’s not cheap, but the cars are sooooo worth it! 🙂

  • Hunter

    I certainly agree with GSKChicago, and this is coming from someone whose mother owns a 2003 325i (back when they were wayy less expensive), and we both still think the prices, for the car that you end up with, are well worth it. Her car also has 105k miles–a testament to a Bimmer’s longevity.

  • Nick

    well back in 2003/2004 I distinctly remember seeing ads for 325i’s with an option or 2 for $29,000 something. That’s quite a bit larger than the current MSRP of $34,000 grand. Of course there are those that will argue that it has more features / enhanced abilities (agreed) and that raw materials have skyrocketed but an average increase of $1,000 dollars a year is nothing to sneeze at. That price as also at a time when BMW was the only legitimate contender in the entry level market. BMW’s are great cars no doubt, my 91 525i has will be hitting 204,000 miles in a few weeks, but deciding to raise the price at significant margins in the current economic condition of not only the United States but Europe is a iffy one at best.

  • Dan

    Anyone have a guess on the 335d price? More than a 335i?

  • shragon

    no 335d pricing?

  • john C

    Any idea if we’ll get to see a price sheet with invoice prices listed, including ED invoice prices?

  • Prices for 2009 models have been posted here