2009 BMW (US) Ordering Guide and Pricing

We are happy to report that we can now provide you with the complete 2009 ordering guide and pricing for all 2009 models (excluding diesels).

2009 Complete Ordering Guide

2009 Pricing by Model:

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  • jimbo

    So has BMW legal put the smack down on your ass yet? That’s a copywritten document.

  • Khash

    are these prices close to the Canadian prices?

  • Marc

    You guys forgot to put the sedan wholesale prices up…

  • You guys forgot to put the sedan wholesale prices up…

    We generally do not post the wholesale pricing since they are strictly confidential information.

    So has BMW legal put the smack down on your ass yet? That’s a copywritten document.

    Since there are no wholesale prices in these documents, there’s really nothing here that isn’t publicly available at any BMW dealer or even on BMWUSA.com. There’s clearly no reason why BMW would want to suppress pricing information that is publicly available and helpful to potential customers.

  • beto

    now that we have the prices, when will we be able to see the new colors for the interior and exterior??? or where can we see them????

  • Rich

    I don’t get it. Why are you allowed to post the wholesale pricing for everything but the sedan?

  • Rich: All prices listed are MSRP. Not wholesale.

  • Rich

    Ok, I’ll just leave it at that for others to reap the benefits. Thanks for the post guys!

  • beto

    any guess as to when the ’09 3 series will be available in the u.s.???? in the u.k. goes on sale the 20th of september.

  • Beto- the colors have been shown in official photos and in posts here, as for the date they go on sale: they already are. Expect a mid-October delivery. Back in June we were told to expect them on 10/13, and we have not heard otherwise since.

  • beto

    thanks, Michael!!!!

  • Ken

    If and when I order one of these the packages are not the way to go. I don’t need a ski bag and the auto dimming mirrors don’t work to my satisfaction.

    Also wouldn’t want the “steering helper”. I’ve also decided that BMW has gotten their last $$ out of me for metallic paint.

  • Eli

    does SOP on the documents mean Start of Production?….. because on some cars it says SOP 9/08 in some places and 10/08 in others

  • sonny

    can you have princing listing for canada?? 3 serie models

  • sonny

    please thanks in advance

  • Eli- SOP means start of production and yes some cars will not hit production until October, others in September. South African cars will begin production in October for the 3er so all early cars will be from Germany.

    Sonny- At this time I do not have good sources for Canada, I would imagine the price points will come closer to the US ones than in the past…

  • robert

    anyone knows or has seen pics of the color chestnut brown interior?????

    and is space gray for the ’09 3 series the same as for the current 5 series?????