A Quick Recap of Things to Come

First, we would like to thank all of our readers for all of the comments, feedback and information that you have provided. We will continue to try to meet your needs and answer your questions as best we can.

Over the next several weeks and months BMW will be introducing a wide variety of new or refreshed cars and technology. Today we thought we would take some time to sketch a rough timeline of these and what they entail while also linking you to our original stories. Much of this information is geared towards those in the US, so things may vary a bit for those reading in other markets.

1- Series: Will see the newly upgraded i-Drive system from start of production (SOP) 9/08 onward.

3- Series: The sedan (E90) and sport wagon (E91) will see a refresh with a SOP for 9/08. This includes new exterior styling, lighting, suspension, wheels and slight tweaks to the interior along with the new i-Drive system and color choices.The coupe and convertible (E92/93) will not see the same refresh until the next model year, as they were introduced about a year after the sedan debuted. The latter two will however see the new iDrive system starting this fall.

Additionally, the E90 335d will be released in time for the year to close though there is still no pricing or ability to place an order.

5- Series: Not much going on here in terms of changes aside from some new wheels. The new iDrive will not be introduced in this car at this time, though there is some speculation that it may see a mid-year introduction. The “F ” model has already begun testing along with the PAS and will debut within the next year.

6- Series: There will be a new sport package for the 6 and some upgrades in the name of color choices for the Individual package. Like the 5 series there may be a mid-year upgrade to the iDrive system though it is speculation at this point.

7- Series: The F01/02 7er will make its word debut in several weeks at the Paris auto show. The newly designed model departs from much of the prior generations controversial styling for a more subdued appearance. This car is laden with technology and has been extensively tested to promote a more finished product. It will compete as one of the top executive class cars. Expect this new model in showrooms Spring 2009.

X1- The X1 is anticipated to be displayed at the Paris Auto Show in “concept ” form. We placed concept in quotes because this will be a near production ready version of the SAV, much like how the ///M3 Coupe was display as a concept. The X1 is based on the 3 Series sport wagon and is designed to be more efficient, sporty and smaller than the X3.

X3- The X3 is rumored to end its current production run a year early due to its declining sales, dated technology/styling and the move from being built in Austria by Magna Steyr to BMW ‘s own plant in South Carolina. There will be some tweaks to the current car but nothing major. The next generation X3 has already begun testing and may be introduced some time next year.

X5- Some insiders are indicating that the new iDrive will appear mid model year for the X5. Adding to the lineup will be a diesel version sometime in late 2008/early 2009, though BMW is trying to make it 08 from what we gather. Rumors and spy photos are pointing towards a possible ///M version due to be released as a MY2010.

X6- Like the X5 the new iDrive should appear sometime later in the 2009 model year. The V8 twin turbo xDrive50 version was just recently released and a hybrid version should make its debut spring of ’09. There is also a proposed ///M version in the works, possibly utilizing F1 technology in a KERS hybrid system.

Z4- The E89 Z4 (or will it be Z6?) will premiere at the LA auto show this winter. It will feature a convertible hardtop, along with specialized performance suspension and differential.

The marketing department in the US made the decision to launch the non-///M version of the DCT in this model so do not be surprised to see the launch cars featuring it. As we all know now, much of the world is graced with this DCT transmission in the 335i coupe for MY 2009. Indications are that this car will be arriving at dealers in the Spring of 2009 and may include a new name similar to those of the “X ” models.

There will be other niche models (such as the PAS) to come as well and we will go into the details of them at a later date.

We hope that this little summary was helpful and provides you some insight into the future BMW models and their changes. As always we will continue to provide you with the latest information as soon as we can.

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  • xDrivers

    If iDrive does not come in MY2009 / spring I will cancel my order for the X6. Don´t want old technologie on such a high pricing vehicle. The new iDrive looks amazing!

  • JonPD

    It’s going to be a great year seeing what evolves out of BMW. What I am hoping to see is a true hardtop Z4 M, don’t have much enthusiasm for convertibles (less stable bodies) and retractable hard top (weight and stability). I am also going to look hard into the Individual program options once the car comes out.

  • rlb

    Are you sure about the 5 not having the new idrive? The BMWUSA configurator clearly shows the new idrive control in the interior view.

  • rlb- earlier in the year we were certain the 5/6 would receive the new iDrive from this fall. Things became muddy when several sources stated the 5/6 would not see the new iDrive.

    BMW 5/6 the get new iDrive/

    If the configurator is showing it once again and there is not a disclaimer on there BMW customers can actually refuse the car without the system, since it is false advertising but I am certain most pages have such a disclaimer.

  • Leif W.

    Any news on BMW’s decision on offering a 4 cylinder engine in the 3 series? Edmunds posted a story saying that BMW was close to a decision on offering a 4 cylinder. It was looking like they would.

    Thanks, Leif

  • X

    “The “F” model has already begun testing along with the PAS and will debut within the next year.”

    Does this mean we can take delivery of the F10 in about 13 months from now??? i.e. Delivery OCT 2009 as a MY2010?

  • Barry

    Thanks for the recap. I’m pretty excited to see the X1 in near production form!

  • great recap, very handy. thanks!

  • Leif: We posted a story on the 4 cylinders via, edmunds and noted we have been hearing more about the 1er getting it.

    X: That is not what was said; debut and at dealers are two different things, much like with the next generation 7, it was released to the Press in July, make debut in October and hit dealers the following spring. The 5 should follow a similar path.

  • Mike L

    i thought that the X1 was based off of the 1 series platform and not the 3 series platform. Or is it based more on the style of the 3 series and not the 1 series?

  • X1 is directly based off the E91 platform. The name comes from it being the smallest X vehicle.

  • Mark

    What happened to all of the talk about the tii 1 series and 3 series? Is this still in the making?

  • TMQ

    So X1 based on the 3 series – does that mean it will have similar room to 3 series?

    Where does that leave the X3? Similar to the 5 series in room? Isn’t that close enough to the X5?

  • cct1

    Is there anything at all out there about the rumored Z2? Part of the rumor was it would hit production in 2010, 2011 at the latest, and there is absolutely no news about it anywhere. No spyshots, no info, nothing on the BMW timelines, no nothin’. Has it been shelved, or is it so hush hush that BMW won’t even acknowledge that its working on it?

  • cct1- Not going to hear much about the Z2 for now.. the replacement of the Z4 is set to launch soon and they do not want people to pull back from wanting that.

  • cct1

    Thanks Michael. Just have to be patient, but I can’t believe how little buzz there is about the Z2, makes me wonder if it will ever see the light of day…

  • Michael, Any update on DCT for the e92 coupe? I’m having one built in January and would hate to find out that DCT becomes available in March. Thanks, Brian