2009 Lease rates for September-October

We have the 2009 lease rates. And the numbers speak for themselves; BMW is pushing financing rather than leases. That is not to say that all models have horrible rates; I mean the money factor on the 650i is decent. For everyone who doubted that BMW was going to focus on financing I hope this proves to you that this is their future plan. Leases can also now be calculated on the BMW website.

Here is the .PDF

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  • vindicator


    Thank you VERY much for posting this information!

  • Jeremy

    Thanks for posting! But prior to the major July reductions, the base rate on a 36 month 335i Sedan was .0019, if I recall correctly.

    Now it’s .0020 for a new model. I was expecting much worse due to all the talk about a rate hike. This is actually pretty modest in my opinion. Not to mention the residual is up several points.

  • Jeremy it is only that if you qualify for the OLP. If not it is a bit higher. Residual is always higher at the beginning of the year.

    If you compare to last years rates for the E90 335i: 24 Month – Residual 71% of MSRP – .00200 Base Rate 36 Month – Residual 61% of MSRP – .00200 Base Rate 48 Month – Residual 43% of MSRP – .00310 Base Rate 60 Month – Residual 36% of MSRP – .00310 Base Rate

    For 2009 MY 24 month residual is down to 67% and MF is .00250

    Which equates to nearly $100 per month difference. Other models are even worse off.

    This also is just comparing a static price and not including the change in the higher price of the car, so actually it is a bit worse.

  • X

    Thanks Michael,

    I’m just wondering how is it possible to know OCT rates now? Usually they are not released until first week into the month…?

    Who is the source for the info? Is it possible it will change come OCT?

    Thanks again.

  • X- Directly from BMW is where this info is from. The programs directly state that they run from Now until 10/31 so it is what it is! Remember 09 models can not even be delivered until mid-October so the program would be through the end of October. The next rate change will be in November. I am fairly certain things will get worse before they get better as BMW fades to leases that are not attractive; not going to be an overnight transition so it will get worse.

  • bill

    Michael- Thank you. Question- what are the qualifications for the “loyalty” rates on the leases?

  • Jeremy

    Good point, Michael. Luckily I get the OLP rate. 🙂

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  • sbyrd

    Where are the rates for the 2010’s for Sep 2009?