It is only a matter of time before we see the next generation Z4 “undressed “. The car is either now at production status or extremely close. This is apparent because of the non-black seats and new design of the wheels along with the loss or armor. The real give away though is the license plate, it no longer is the “M ” of Munich, but the “R ” of Regensburg which just happens to be where these cars are to be built; coincidence, not at all!

We have heard conflicting reports about whether the soft top will ever see the light of day (we doubt it with all the issues Karmann is having), so get ready for a lighter folding hard top.

This new rendition of the “Z ” line will feature a double clutch gear box,a higher output twin turbo six (~320 hp) has been indicated though we can not officially confirm, an improved rear differential, and an adjustable suspension just to name a few performance perks.

The interior will be laid out in a more user friendly manner with the overall use of space improved. Of course there will be the (still) optional new iDrive system (borrowed from the 1er) and the controversial electronic parking brake along with styling cues of the CS.

This car was designed to directly compete with the likes of MB and Porsche, whether or not it can will have to wait until the reviews start rolling in. The car is the premiere at the LA auto show but expect the official press release and photos some time before that.

If you have not been following the Z4 for the past several months our prior entries can be found here and they go into more details of what we anticipate to be in the final car.
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