European Delivery bound

In a few days my wife and I will be completing our third European delivery in the last four years. We have been blessed to have the good fortune to complete these trips and consider ourselves more than lucky.

Joining us on this trip will be some close friends who will be completing their first trip, and needless to say they are excited beyond all belief. We arranged these cars through the dealership I have used in the past and once again Joe at Wide World of Cars, ( is NOT associated with any dealers in the BMWNA network) made things as painless as possible with everything as described. We can never thank him enough for his time and service, since as many of you can imagine dealing with me and a car purchase more often than not can be frustrating for the person in the other side of the table (not so with Joe).

On this trip we will be taking in Oktoberfest for the first time, all the bier and festivities that it entail are certainly going to be entertaining to say the least. This will also be our first time visiting Prague which from what we have read and heard from others is nothing but a jewel of architecture and history. The roads and safety of the cars in Prague are a bit of a concern but we have secured some underground parking so things should be fine.

Our past deliveries were completed at the old delivery center so this will also be our first trip to the Welt. We had watch the construction process over our trips and the shear enormity of the structure then was something to behold so I can only imagine what the completed building looks like in person.

Right now the itinerary is fairly stark in terms of seeing BMW attractions as we have done factory tours in the past and the rest of that, but we would like to see the museum. This is up for debate as depending on our Oktoberfest ambitions and desire to take a romp in the Alps once more, time may be short for a museum trip. It is a toss up between driving the amazing twisties or visiting the “Cooperstown ” of BMW, we shall see what we are feeling!

I am working on completing several interesting stories for all of our readers during the week and of course there will be a ton of pictures and a full recap of things when we return, so stay tuned!

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  • Gragop

    Have a good trip, what kind of car will you be picking up?

    I’d love to do a European Delivery for my next bimmer!

  • Michael… That’s awesome. I read the last postings on Euro delivery that were written by another BF reader and it sounded fabulous. I’m looking forward to hearing your perspective as well. As always, new pics are great too!

    I am looking forward to doing Euro delivery someday, hopefully sooner versus later.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Gragop

    I’d want to do a lap of the ‘Ring if I went for the Euro Delivery. I wouldn’t push the car hard at all but it’d be cool to take it around if even just once.

    Michael, Have you ever gotten the opportunity to do so?

  • X

    Have a great trip!

    We look forward to a recap and hopefully some pics too!


  • Chaz

    Oh, you are going to have a Wonderful time! ED is a great experience, and of course driving through the alps is not to be missed. I relive the feel of that trip every time I get into my car.

    Enjoy!!! We will look forward to hearing more.

    Gragop – I did the ring on my ED since it was near the family home were we were staying. I thought I wouldn’t push the car to hard, but with a car like this and a track like that it was hard not to let loose. It was quite an environment – just seeing all of the cars (which came to run) in the parking lot was a treat. It’s a long drive from Munich (6 hours?), but certainly a memorable experience.

  • JonPD

    Fantastic new Michael!

    What are you picking up this time?

  • Thanks for all the nice comments. My wife is getting a 328xi this time around; she was overwelmed by the 335 and thought it was too much. I agree, she is no slouch when it comes to driving but at the same time it would have been over kill. Our friends will be picking up a 335xi. Since the diesels have been pushed a bit my car will have to wait.

  • JonPD

    Michael I sure hope you and you wife have a great time. Betting your friends are going to be overall pretty amazed by the process.

    Just make sure to shoot lots of photos to share with all us left behind. 🙂

  • Irv

    Have a great time Michael,soak it all up,this will be your best ED experience so far..Prague is amazing !

  • James Olson

    Michael, If you find yourself anywhere Grafenwoer or Vilseck in Bavaria shoot me an email and I can probably get you some directions for some fun in that area. I should be picking up my 550i in Wurzburg on or about the 30th of September.