Back from Munich

Just wanted to say that I am back from Munich with a ton of photos, stories and news. Obviously the X1 broke cover while I was over there.

I have seen the proportions in real life (no photos though since security was tight) and it is larger than I would have thought and yet it still looks small, more like the current X3 or better yet the 3 series wagon. The front has an ugly snout like nose and it is obvious that the EU pedestrian standards had a big effect on the final design.

I also was able to experience the Z4, PAS and one undisclosed vehicle while under wraps still. The PAS is going to be longer and lower slung than I had initially imagined and will sport some massive wheels with similarities to the new 7. The Z4 is a bit larger than the current one but not all that much. They were covered for the most part with sheets on the top but the light penetrated them and some details could be seen. It would have been nice to see them undressed fully, but in a few days that will happen.

The Welt was great, as were the Alps and Oktoberfest. New pavement on the autobahn toward Prague was something I could have only dreamed of.

This is it in a nutshell but over the next few days I hope to get my legs back from all the drinking and put up a few nice posts….

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  • Gragop

    Looking forward to pics of your trip! How’d you catch a glimpse at even a covered Z4, PAS and new vehicle? Are they being revealed in Paris?

  • X

    Welcome back! Looks like you had an amazing time. Looking forward to seeing pics…especially that of the PAS 😉

  • Sorry but no photos of the to be released items…. they told me no photos. I was lucky enough to get into a specific location with all the cars.

  • B-

    Aren’t those roads going to Prague nice!. And the lack of speed limit in some parts helps too. I drove my ED 335i over there in August and I can say it was a drive I never would have expected.

  • Mike

    “It would have been nice to see them undressed fully, but in a few days that will happen.”

    So you think the new Z4 will be fully revealed in a few days? Where and how? Also did they name the new car a Z4?

  • Ondra

    Czech Roads ? If you’re in a Skoda, they are fine but the stupid speedlimit and deafening silence even at speeds over 160km/h once you put the roof up in 335i Cabrio…that’s stupid combination 🙁

    But put the roof down and you’ll be having a nice cruise 😉

  • Mike: From what I was told there will be some sort of event within the month of October to preview the new models. I am hoping we will see them…. usually things start to leak a bit.

  • Nice one Michael. I dropped into the BMW museum way back in 1996, would love to check out the new one!