BMW X1 Debuts (Release & Video)

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BMW Press Release: Proudly presenting this new Concept Car, BMW is offering an outlook at the world ‘s first Sports Activity Vehicle in the premium compact segment. Through its design alone, this new concept model clearly expresses all the strengths and qualities of such a vehicle, the BMW Concept X1 exuding a strong touch of agility and versatility both in its driving qualities and practical use. And at the same time the Concept Car clearly reveals the stylish elegance of this five-door as well as its modern function. Creating this unique Concept Car, BMW is catering for the demands of a modern target group in search of an up-to-date automobile meeting both the challenges of everyday traffic and the personal needs of many purchasers for an active lifestyle and a versatile driving experience. The BMW Concept X1 expresses that very special sheer driving pleasure so typical in this unique form of a BMW X model combined with a high standard of all-round functionality. So now these qualities are for the first time being carried over to a vehicle in the premium compact segment.

Description in Brief. Character:

  • World debut of a concept BMW X model in the premium compact segment.
  • BMW, the founder of the Sports Activity Vehicle segment, is consistently expanding the range of BMW X models.
  • Authentic transition of the features and design language typical of a BMW X model into a new class of vehicles. A concept study offering a clear expression of modern style, agility, versatility and premium quality through its design alone.
  • As an innovative vehicle concept in the premium compact segment, the BMW Concept X1 sets the standard for cool elegance, modern style, and variable function.
  • The BMW Concept X1 offers ample room for spontaneous mobility in many different ways, clearly reflecting the lifestyle of a modern and active target group. Numerous details on the Concept Car provide a clear hint as to the actual production of an appropriate series model within one year.

Exterior design:

  • Typical features of a BMW X model combined with elegant, sleek proportions. This alone gives the BMW Concept X1 unique character within the range of BMW X models as a whole.
  • The striking frontal view clearly expresses the robust and powerful character of the car by emphasising its sheer width. A floor protection element finished in a different colour gives additional emphasis to the wide track.
  • The BMW Concept X1 comes with dual round headlights cut off at the top in the typical style of the BMW brand, complete with a white-coloured horizontal cover at the top edge. The position of the headlights and foglamps brings back the three-eye face of other BMW X models.
  • Six contour lines and the three-dimensional shape define the surface design of the engine compartment lid emanating a strong feeling of dynamic performance. The inner lines taper out sharply to the front towards the BMW kidney grille, the outer lines continue into the shoulder contours at the side. -Through its centre of gravity visibly positioned right in the middle, the small distance between the front axle and the steering wheel, and the almost square contours of the wheel cutouts, the side view of the BMW Concept X1 draws a clear parallel to other BMW X models. Black body surrounds made of a special, robust synthetic material highlight the clear orientation towards the wheels. The sturdy, silver-coloured roof railing extends far to the rear, determining the course of the roofline together with the spoiler at the back.
  • Characteristic rear end with L-shaped rear light clusters ensuring a homogeneous light effect thanks to LED light tubes. Raked to a low angle, the rear window gives the BMW Concept X1 a truly sporting touch, the horizontal lines emphasising the sheer width of the vehicle.
  • As a special design feature specific to this model, three-dimensional surrounds encompass the headlights and rear light clusters and help to create the special graphics of the side windows.

Full BMW X1 Press Release (PDF)

Gallery: Sketches

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Gallery: Design Process

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Official Web Presence

X1 Facebook Page

X1 Twitter Page

Official Video

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  • JeffH

    Ug-Lee. …at least from those front angled views. The rest of it looks okay.

  • Nick

    That’s an interesting 3 series wagon…I wonder how much they raised it?

  • Why is BMW unable to design a good front-end anymore? Rest of the car is nice, but this trend starting with the new 7 (upright, huge) looks more like the nose of a pig than a luxury sports car.

  • Hector M,

    I thought the front end was huge too, and long. hopefully it will change.

  • I agree, the front end it too long and looks too big. Especially in the 3/4 view in the first photo. Not sure why BMW is going that direction, but I bet the European Pedestrian crash standards have a little something to do with it.

  • Dan C.

    I dig it. Looks like a good car for an ED trip with a couple of kids.

  • Barry

    I LOVE it. The old BMW guys that cant let go that BMW’s styling will always be talked about “are out.” The new bloods are IN. I wish people would just get over it already. The same old tune yet these autos continue to sell like hot cakes.

  • SBGoBig

    Look big and heavy. Don’t like it but I don’t like that X5 or X3 either. I’m more of a Z guy.

  • lava

    Getting past the fact that I’d never want a car pretending to be a truck, my big gripe with what I see are these phony silver skid plates extending up at the sides and rear. Ok, we already have a black margin around the bottom of the car and the wheel wells. That makes some sense, the black plastic is color through so it can’t scratch in the most vulnerable areas. So now we need another surface to protect the protection? Sorry – that is just lame. Its nothing more than worthless adornment that is meant to signify “tough, off-road…” while its neither. This is what Suzuki threw on their little hatchback to make it a “cross-over”. Is BMW following design themes blazed by Suzuki now?

  • Im not seeing a huge difference between the X3 and the X1…is there a major size difference? Price Difference? im not sure there is a market for this?

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  • DC Coleman

    Wow, that is some serious ugly, I wonder how Gabe will spin this one to be better looking than the MINI!

  • DC- nice comment, no need to spin anything it is better looking than a MINI. The MINI look is not for everyone and is getting a bit played out. People can have different views on things, and if I remember correctly a lot of MINI fans dislike the new direction of MINI so is this any different?