\’09 BMW 7 Series in Munich

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We were lucky enough while in Munich to see many of the future models in the BMW lineup, the 2009 7 Series being one of them. This fleet of cars was put together for a group of VIPs to take a test drive in. In person the car looks much different than in the official release photos we showed you a few months ago.

It is very elegant and has an indescribable presence about it. Many have commented how the rear looks like a Lexus, and we agreed until seeing it in person. The character lines carry through to the rear lights and bumper giving it much more depth than a Lexus. The front and rear lights are the most technology laden systems in the BMW arsenal and they look the part.

This car may depart from the previous styling cues of “flame ” surfacing but also bends the light quite effectively. This adds to the sporty yet elegant look of the car while at the same time lengthening it to the eye. You can interpret the design as you see fit but BMW should have a huge winner in this car as long as people can still afford it.

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  • Matthew

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the model with dual rectangular exhausts built into the bumper and the model with one set of twin-tip exhausts?

    At first I thought V8 vs. V12 but I remember the V12 is on hiatus at least for a little while.

  • Looks fantastic. Great lines. No interior photos?

  • Garth

    @Matthew.. The likely answer is Diesel (single) vs. V8 gas (dual). Your opinion may vary…

  • cBraunDesign

    Does the grill look any better in person? I feel like the entire car is another step away from the classic BMW design. I hear everyone saying it’s less “controversial” than the E65, but I think the E65 is the least controversial of all the current cars, and the styling of this new F10 is almost exactly the same as the E65, but with more Japanese looking lights.

  • cBraunDesign

    Whoops, I meant F01. The “cheat sheet” on the right list it as an F10

  • Isaac Uwagwu

    I’ve given the exhaust “tips” on the 730d and 740i/750i models the same attention. If the V8s have “square” tips what will the V12 model carry? It’s an intriguing thought….


  • Hate to pop everyones bubble on these exhaust tips. There is a 740i which has dual tips and it sports the N54 6 cylinder with up-rated horsepower and torque. That is what these were. No V8s in this group from what I could hear. There is now some debate whether the V12 will even make it since the Active Hybrid is to perform the same and get better MPG. The age of the big motor is dying….

    The US will not see the 6 cylinder model and the EU may not see the 750 V8 version for some time, so in the US the V8 will look like the I6, though at this point BMW is changing things so fast no one can be truly sure on anything.