EPA/CARB still holding 2009 models

UPDATE 10/09 Apparently European Delivery cars are being delivered to customers even though they were originally told to expect a loaner. This is a surprise to us, but good news for all those taking delivery in Munich. Those in the states still will have to wait until the government does its thing. UPDATE 10/09

The EPA has not granted certificates to several of the 2009 models as of yet. CARB has also not certified a variety of models and may delay the 10/13 pickup date for 2009 MY vehicles as we had originally been informed and expressed to you.

The following should be CARB certified by the end of the week: X5 xDrive30i, X5 xDrive48i, X6 xDrive50i, 550i and 650i.

The EPA has not certified the following models as of today: X6 xDrive35i, 135i, 335i and 535i and are not expected to pass the CARB requirements until around the 24th. These models may be delayed being sent to dealers due to these certification hold ups.

These are the only models being held at this time. 2009 LCI E90 328s have already hit several dealers today and should be in the hands of owners shortly.

We will keep you updated as we hear more.

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  • drew

    as my 2009 135i sits at the prep center you have no idea how frustrating this is to read…

  • Marc

    I hope this is not true… Isn’t the engine the same from MY2008? WTF

  • Marc,

    Unfortunately it is true. I know BMW has done everything they can; but the government is holding things up.

    The engines must be re-checked when ever there is a new change. The high pressure fuel pump is a new generation (we have been told but we will see!) or if there is something to be contested. Some sources indicate that BMW may be contesting the MPG rating on the N54, though we can not confirm this.

    We were told months back that 10/13 was the anticipated date, we hope this will come true though CARB will not clear the cars until after the EPA has done their thing so Ca. may be later.

  • Dan

    Any word on whether this will have any impact on ED cars where ED pick-up is before 10/24?

  • Rick

    What about the 335d? Has it not gotten to this stage yet?

  • Still trying to find out about ED cars. You may have better luck calling about your specific car to see what they have planned. If the car is not EPA certified they technically can not deliver it to you, the CARB stuff is strictly for California.

    Rick: The 335d is not even on the radar screen at this point, there is no way to order it, there is no pricing, nothing.

  • Tim

    This sucks big time. I have an LCI 335i sitting at Port Hueneme. It’s very frustrating waiting on the government to take action on anything, and all the more so when it blocks my ability to get my hands on my new car. Ugh…

  • Tim we feel for you, I have been there before and it is the most annoying thing knowing your car is here but the government does things backwards.