New Z4 Spied!

[pictobrowser 24869089@N02 72157607996597847]

This red Z4 was just spied in Munich. This is a base model of the newest generation Z. There is some indication that there will be a preview of this car in the not so distant future with an official release coming at the LA auto show. We have been informed that production is set to begin in Regensburg in late January to early February with dealers receiving cars in the Spring. We have covered this car a great deal in the past and few things have changed except the possibility of a 4 cylinder making its way to the US.

Photos: Carpix

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  • Patrick

    Thanks for the pics!! I really like what I see… and it actually looks really good with the hardtop roof. Wasn’t too fond of the hard top on the previous Z4. I wonder how long it will take until we see a Coupe version.

    Cheers Patrick

  • Patrick- this is a hard top convertible and the coupe may not see the light of day.

  • Patrick

    Sorry, didn’t express myself correctly 🙂 I meant to say Hard Top Convertible. 🙂

    That would be a real bummer. I love the Z4 Coupe. Is the reason, BMW might not be bringing out a new Coupe, that the old one didn’t sell well? or overall lower sales in the Roadster/SportsCoupe market? Not very familiar with the numbers…

  • Hunter

    I would venture to guess that A: the Coupe didn’t sell as well (at least not in the US), and B: the hardtop-convertible is the best of both worlds essentially.

  • –Ed

    Looks good. I really hope they are still going to offer a soft top option. Living in FL I have no use for a hard top option. All it does is add weight and cost to the car.

  • Dan

    Thank goodness it doesn’t come with those mirror caps… wow those turn signals look terrible on red.

  • Ed- this top is reportedly significantly lighter than other folding hardtops and allows for a larger rear window. While I have always been a fan of the coupe I understand where BMW is going with this. Kill two birds with one stone, convertible and coupe.

    The other issue is if the Z2 gets the green light (and all indications are that it will) it will be a soft top only, separating the two models.

  • Dan- BMW will not be adding signals to the mirrors any time soon, even though some people out there keep thinking they will, they won’t. MB and VW already do that, it is ugly and cheap looking.

  • Aaron

    Michael- Doesn’t the M5 already have them?

  • Aaron- The ///M5 has the “gills” and below them on the fender are the turn signals. The mirrors are body colored top/black (carbon) bottom. Photo

  • JonPD

    I am sure liking the redesign overall pretty well. While I am no fan of convertibles a folding hardtop works. A huge number of convertibles run around a large number of the time with the roofs up even in the best of weather. Also the adding of weight and loss of body rigidity is always a concern. Will definitely give the car a try first but if not offered in a coupe going to be a tough decision between the current M coupe and new Z4. Of course the Z2 still might steal my heart if they go lightweight path with it.