More Z images.

Here we see from World Car Fans the front grill of the new Z. The interior with the nav screen up was also snapped! We can only hope to see the full car shortly!

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  • Pat H.

    This is probably fueled more by hope than anything else, but does that car seem like it could be a coupe and not a convertible? I can’t see what the top would meet the windshield and I the roof panel gap which from other pics is forward of the small side window isn’t evident in this picture.

    Am I dreaming?

  • Pat H.

    The link to World Car Fans has more images…

    This one will unfortunately kill your hopes:


  • Pat H.


    Thanks for the link. Sadly, the pic not only kills my hopes but it makes me not love the side profile. I was hoping that with the hardtop conv it may mimic more of the coupe lines. But I should’ve known better that no convertible can have a hatch trunk. Guess I’ll be looking for something else once my Coupe is up. M3 maybe??

  • JonPD

    I am really liking the new design. I second the wish that they would offer a coupe. Way to many performance trade-offs with a convertibles, loss of rigidity, more weight in all the wrong places are the two biggest killers to me with them.

  • When the final car is released, I am fairly sure we will all be surprised at how rigid the car is and how light the roof is. I have a feeling this will not disappoint and change some views, granted it will not be as good as a solid roof but not as bad as we all think!

  • JonPD

    Without seeing a coupe we would never know the possibilities thats for sure. No doubt the car is going to be good, still never have seen any convertible that has a coupe version that is ever better for performance driving than the coupe version.

    I will be giving this car a try when it comes out, but would be a tad silly to buy a convertible as I would never drop the top personally.

  • Dan

    Don’t forget the Z4 3.0si roadster weighs in at 3098 lbs and the coupe is 3108 lbs. If they designed a coupe from the ground up and not a car evolved from the vert, it might be lighter.

  • cct1

    Be interesting to see how it stacks up from a performance/price standpoint to the Cayman/Boxster (And the S versions of both).

    But there is a darkhorse out there that hasn’t received much attention (yet), and it looks fantastic both in the flesh and on paper–and that’s the new 370 Z. It’s smaller, lighter supposedly handles better, and has more HP than its predecessor, all for well under 40 grand. And the new incarnation is drop dead gorgeous; can’t wait to see it officially released at the end of the month. A Nismo version reasonably priced would be a VERY temtping alternative to a Cayman or Z4. Never been a huge Nissan fan, but with the GT-R and now this, I’m going to take a long look. But I’m still holding out hope for a Z2; when its all said and done, that’s probably what I’d be happiest with.

  • JonPD

    I am one of the few it seems that don’t quite get the enthusiasm for the GTR. Yep its quick but other than that the exterior is blah and the interior isn’t much better. Guess if I was just looking for a car for track work it would make sense however it seriously lacks a lot visually for me. The 370 has one of the same issues that the GTR has, at the end of the day its still a Nissan, a brand that I am completely indifferent on.

    Lighter is always good, but every convertible I’ve been in has serious rigidity issues for track work.

  • cct1

    Have you seen a GT-R in person? I thought the same thing when I first saw pictures of it, pictures do not do that car justice. Up close in real life (at least IMHO), its stunning. I have never been a huge Nissan fan, but this car has definitely made me take notice.

    Bang for the buck, the 350Z is pretty hard to criticize, and the 370Z looks to be even better. The 370Z is being released as a coupe first and possibly ragtop later (just like the 350Z), structurally the 370Z is said to be very tight (and if Nismo does a version, which appears likely, it’ll be tighter still). But what I like most is what Nissan had the cahones to do–get smaller and lighter, rather than longer and heavier. Wish BMW would take the cue (and not with just the Z4)….

  • JonPD

    Don’t get me wrong cct1, I have a measure of respect what Nissan has done with the GTR. I have seen two so far, one on the highway near Seattle and had a chance to see one up close an personal in California in a parking lot. The design is ok, just really doesn’t speak to me. I would agree with the 370z being a decent price point and the design isn’t to bad. I however still think at the end of the day its just a Nissan, which is once again nothing that stands out to me. BMW has a solid reputation of building solid great handling cars, Nissan is more akin to Ford of building a wide measure of different cars.

    I second the wish that BMW would start working lighter cars, think the day and age of just adding more HP to counter the portly nature of a car is pretty much dead. If you want the greatest bang for the buck lightness is huge.