New iDrive Plays Movies!

With people taking deliveries of 2009 models with the new iDrive system some unannounced goodies are being found. The latest and most news worthy is that the system will play DVD movies. The movie will only play when the car is placed in “Park ” and the hand brake is on. Not sure how often you would use this but the fact it is available is a plus.

Youtube video from: Ase2dais and his new US ’09 ///M3

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  • eager2own

    … and we all know that it’s only a matter of very little time before ways around the “Park” safety feature will be devised.

  • Drill

    I seem to remember the safety lock being fairly easy to get around on some older MT Audi’s. There was a switch to “defeat” somewhere near the shift lever and then all you had to do was pull the handbrake up 1 click.

    Not sure if that’ll help at all, but it can’t hurt 😉

  • Draft

    “Nice to have” function… Does anyone know if it will be able to play a music DVD and (only)listen to it while driving ?

    That would be really great with the individual sound system of the 5 series. 😉

  • Joe Bimmerfest

    Does the US version do this too? Sometimes only the Euro versions do this thanks to our nice aggressive product liability laws.

  • Joe- This is a US spec car in the US and has been since verified by several others in the US

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  • I just checked this out on a stock unit here at the store. It works just fine on the US spec car and can decode DTS 5.1 !!

    I also checked the “handbrake click” and while driving… It does turn on the screen. So I would think that would be a very simple defeat.

    If you live in Arizona come see me.

  • davidkup

    hello, can some one tell me how to install this future to play dvd movies in my idrive, i have a BMW 3 series 2009 with idrvie i trayed to play a dvd but it dosent work


  • David- You must have the newest generation of iDrive in your car. If you insert a DVD into the drive and go into Media portion of the system, car must have the parking brake on.

    The video above was shot in a 2009 3 series.