2009 BMW 7 Series in Production

The 2009 F01/F02 7 Series has begun serial production at BMWs Dingolfing Plant. The US market will not see this car until Spring but cars are now being produced for sale in other markets. There are a few production models already in the US used for training and marketing as PalBay spied a few days ago. [pictobrowser 24869089@N02 72157608488839216]

Photos: BMW

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  • Chris B.

    I wonder how high quality the internal components are?

  • Chris, Not sure what you are asking…

    These cars are production models for sale, they will meet all BMW standards. The new 7 is a step up in terms of quality and luxury. Rolls Royce engineers contributed a great deal to this car.

  • Lee L

    I am always amazed at how clean the assembly lines are.

  • Johnny

    Are the only colors offered on the 7 series white, silver, grey, black?

  • Ben

    The more I look at this car, the more I like it. I also like how this car doesn’t look as heavy as the previous 7 IMHO.

  • Bob

    The US Launch will not happen untill BMWAG is convinced there are no problems with the new 7, even if it causes a long delay in shipping cars to dealers. They do not want a repeat of the 2002 7 series fiasco.

  • Bob, The US launch is scheduled for Spring and has little to do with problems. It has been scheduled that way for years.

    And just to reiterate what we were told about testing back in April when our sources spilled most of the beans to us about the final product: “According to our sources BMW has done almost three times as much testing with F01 /F02 as they did it with E65 / E66. This, and the fact electronic systems & protocols are much more common & tested more than they were in 2001, will tell you BMW is trying to make F01 trouble-proof as much as possible. To do that they even prolonged pre-production version testing phase for 3 months! “

    That was back in April and they have been testing limited run production cars since then with no hiccups.

    The reason for the Spring launch had more to do with the weak dollar back then and also testing for crash and EPA than anything. The schedule has not changed.