Z4 to be Released Shortly

All sources indicate that the release of official images of this car will happen very shortly. Until then here is another spy shot to keep your palate ready for the main course, so stay tuned!

We also wanted to reiterate that since this version of the car will be built in Regensburg, Germany it will be the newest addition to the European Delivery program, and fill the spot the X3 will eventually vacate. So for a while there will be one more model available than currently. Initially it (like all new models) will come out of the dealers allocation of cars rather than the Euro Delivery allocation pool.

Pricing numbers have been rumored to be a modest increase to a huge jump placing it right alongside the Mercedes Benz SLK or Porsche Boxster. We can see the base model coming in around the low $40,000s and the show stopper loaded to the gills exceeding sticker on the normally equipped Boxster. This car will blend several niche markets and bring a great deal of new technology to the party, all of which add to the cost. Official numbers will not be released until right before the car hits the showrooms; notice we still do not have official word on the new 7 or even the 335d.

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  • JonPD

    Very cool news Michael, thanks

  • Kevin

    Anyone else think this is quite early? I though BMWs tended to have about a 7 year lifecycle with an “LCI” somewhere in the middle, but I’m sure the current car only came out spring/summer 2003 in Europe?

  • Bob

    335d is already announced for mid-Dec release to dealers in US at the same time as the X5 diesel.

  • Saw an all black camouflage Z4 driving around Thousand Oaks, CA the other day. Wasn’t quick enough with the camera though.

  • Bob,

    We have stated the release of the diesels for quite some time; my comment was in regards to pricing. They will be at dealers very soon and pricing is not announced. There is a press conference on Tuesday and we hope to gain some answers then.

  • Kevin, sales of the car that just ended production were slow and did not meet expectations; it was released in 2002 as a 2003 model, this car is only about 6 months ahead of the 7 year life cycle. The X3 will also see a shortened cycle for the same reasons; sales are slow and the design is getting old in many ways.

  • Ive always wanted a Z4. I would love to get a M Z4….drools checks bank account $1000… DOPE!