BMW X6 ///M Testing

Our good friend Palbay shot this video of a performance version of the X6 testing at the BMW test track in South Carolina. This SAV can really move, details are still sketchy but apparently BMW is set on creating performance or ///M models of their SAVs.

From an enthusiasts view it is hard to say this is the right direction for BMW to go in. Making 2 1/2 ton trucks fast and handle well is an accomplishment but we rather see a lighter more efficient performance car being created instead of valuable resources being spent on developing things like this. We seem to recall the ///M division saying they did not want to become AMG; what happened?

What is your take on these ///M SAVs? Thanks to Palbay for the video!

BMW X6 ///M from on Vimeo.

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  • Steve S

    M version of the 1 series would be a much better use of resources or even an M3 Touring.

  • JonPD

    Thanks Palbay for the find.

    Now as far as what I think I believe it can be stated easy by saying I am trying hard to to gag on this.

    Just what the world needs 2.5 tons of even faster metal that will be even better at miserable drivers killing innocent people with their blundering skills in a multi-ton brick. As a person who works in public safety can tell you that the moto bigger is better attitude of SUVs and now adding more power to the mix is nothing short of a time bomb.I can hardly wait to scrap up the remains of yet more people hit by a very large vehicle traveling much to fast to deal with the inertia changes needed to avoid crashes.

    On a purely personal note think this cheapens the ///M division incredibly, though no doubt that BMW will continue to throw their efforts behind this type of developments in the future.

  • Nick

    Yes, continue with with X6 ///M, but cancel the CS concept/8-series as well as the M3 CSL. We need some more SUV’s, give us an X1 and a PAS crossover (should be called “POS”). I hope BMW knows they’re turning into an automotive joke, while the rest of the competition catches up (if not exceeds) the sport/luxury market they continue to waste R&D on frivolous vehicles that do absolutely nothing to expand the brand image. BMW seems like they are turning into Mercedes, filling every conceivable niche with a vehicle while straying from the basics which led them to success. I understand they need to “break the mold” per se and innovate, but they seem to be focusing their energy in the wrong direction (see X1) It seems BMW is doing everything they can to tarnish their reputation of building excellent sport sedans/coupes. BMW, we don’t need boring mass market cars, leave that Toyota and Honda.

  • Michael

    Cancel CS, put 500hp in X6, Revive X7 with at least 600hp and make sure your SUVs have appropriate tires and bumpers so smashing those pesky slow Priuses can go without scratching shiny metallic paint.

    Oh, and please bring us twin turbo V8 minivan. We can’t continue being late to the soccer practice.

  • JonPD

    What humors me the most is so far through all the prior info on the X6 M I have yet to see anyone fawning over this. I have to wonder who BMW is building this for. I second the call for a BMW twin turbo minivan 😉

    news alert

    The BMW M division from this point forward will no longer stand for Motorsport after 1/1/2009. The M-division will hence forward will be the Mom-Division.*

  • Ben

    No doubt putting resources on the wrong products. It is disappointing as BMW always claim that being an independent company enable it to have the freedom to build the best products. But BMW choose to let Audi R8 (no M1) and upcoming RS5 (with 450+ HP) remains unchallenged (no M3 CSL). Funny that under VW, Audi has a much bigger hierarchy with Lamborghini being the top brand and yet hasn’t stop it to outpunch BMW. Maybe the pending Porsche takeover of VW will finally put a cap to Audi’s performance (keep the cars below 911 models).