EU BMW 335i with DCT

While the US market will not see the non-///M version of the DCT in a 3 series for some time, if at all, other markets currently do. This 7-Speed dual clutch transmission is available in the E92 coupe and E93 convertible in almost all other markets.

“Gecko ” an enthusiast from Belgium took some video of the shifting in his DCT equipped 3 Series. The first shows “Auto “, very smooth, and the second in “Manual ” with fast shifts almost immediately after the paddle is pressed. We do not encourage filming and driving at such speeds but welcome the video as an example of what this transmission is capable of.



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  • JonPD

    I do look forward to playing more with the DCT, but maybe to many of Episodes of Top Gear later I still prefer a good manual transmission. Then again F1 technology is rarely a bad thing.

  • Rich

    My next car will either be the facelifted E92 to come or Audi A5.. whichever one introduces DCT to the US models first will most likely win my $45k.

  • Chris Chao

    What I don’t like is the inconsistency of the 335i’s paddles vs. the M3’s paddles. I much prefer the right paddle being the upshift and the left paddle being the downshift. Why even have front pushbuttons?

  • Eliot R.

    I honestly can not tell a difference in shift speeds when compared to BMW’s Sport Auto used in the 5 and 6 series. Assuming that BMW will charge a pretty premium for DCT over the typical automatic, I don’t quite see the point. I would still much rather have a proper gearbox.

  • gecko

    to Eliot R.

    Hi Eliot, the difference isn’t so much in how quickly the gearbox shifts. I’ve driven the 635d with Sport auto and you’re right it also shifts gear very quickly. The big difference comes from the double clutch which reduced the ‘loss’ of traction every time you switch gears. You can compare it to a jet – airplane, it continiously keeps accelerating you don’t feel a loss of accelaration with this gear box.

    If you would measure with a g-force meter you would see that the g-force reduces more when you switch gears with a manual or sport auto compared to the dct.


  • Eliot R.

    I am not saying that there isn’t a difference. Only that the difference is too minor in my opinion to justify the likely premium that BMW is going to charge for the gearbox. I’m sure that there are going to be those that are going to revel in the technical brilliance of the gearbox but I’m not one of them.

    I think anyone who has seen the second episode of the latest Top Gear season where JC drives the ZR1 will remember when JC proclaimed his love for the manual gearbox. I’m not saying that his opinion is gospel, just that I think did a great job articulating the joys of a proper gearbox.

  • gecko

    As a side note and price information.

    In Belgium;

    E92 335i the DCT = €2445 E90 335i the AT = €2220 (+€330 for the paddles)

    meaning that actually the the DCT is cheaper …

    I like it

  • bsd107

    The pricing in Australia is the same. The E92 328i has only the Steptronic option, and the E92 335i has only the DCT option. The price for each option over the 6MT is identical.

    I do think that compared to a good Steptronic, which the one in the 335i really is, the difference probably isn’t that great. However, I AM truly jealous that I could not get DCT on my MY09 E90 – I certainly would have chosen DCT over my Step….