BMW Performance Video (Fall 2008)

Another official video from BMW Performance about the new 1 and 3 Series line-up. This is the full version of the video we debuted just a few days ago. Look for all of these accessories to be available at any BMW dealer around the world if they aren ‘t already.

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  • bmw

    Dam that 1 looks crappy!

  • Nick

    looks like that “tii” line is coming out after all!!!!….dear lord this is a great video, I WANT THAT STEERING WHEEL! This looks like a great step forward in the direction for BMW.

  • JonPD

    No tii still just add on bits, still not a bad idea at all for BMW to do this since its been a outstanding success for Mini.

  • That wheel is sick, I am just trying to figure out all the digital displays on it.. BMW is taking what they learned from JCW and running with it; just a shame the market conditions are much different now and they are finally releasing this stuff. I am sure these bits are very costly. I can not even fathom what they are going to be asking for those seats….

  • Nick

    No i’m pretty sure they’re tii…..check out the identical seats in this video that were in the 1 Series tii concept. this video has pretty much validated of all the tii rumors over the past few months

  • Ben

    “So hot. Want to touch the hiney.” [Howls like a wolf]

  • JonPD

    No doubt about the wheel and the seats, both very sweet looking options. I however am betting that much like the JCW Recaro seats we will never see them in the States, sure hope I am wrong on that.

    Nick those are the same seats as the tii concept used but the total lightweight package (such as the carbon fiber hood) is never going to come as a complete package. I however would love to see the tii make it to production however think Gabe has already said on multiple occasions that the tii was not making it to production.

  • Jeff

    Has anyone seen this? Could this be the rumored 355hp upgrade?

    I hope BMW simplifies things and offers a performance package to keep the price down.

  • JeffH

    Notice how they showed an exact tie between the 1 and 3 in the race? Haha, they don’t want to pick favorites.

  • I might like that 3er better than the M3 sedan. Those wheels/seats/aero kit are stunning. This looks even better than the E46 ZHP. Great work BMW.

  • They both sound so amazing. omg

  • JonPD

    This explains the steering wheel btw

    Sad to say no mention on the site about the seats however

  • david

    is there going to be a performance model, pkg, or tii from the factory, or just dealer installs?