BMWUSA 335d Build Your Own

The 335d configurator finally went live so you can build your own! With the higher base MSRP of this car and a few packages it is easy to break the $50,000 barrier without even trying.

This price-point is approaching/entering 5 Series numbers for a 3er so if the Advanced Diesel will be a success is definitely going to be an uphill battle. As they say, “the proof is in the pudding ” so until we are able to put the car through its paces we can ‘t say the premium is worth it. Though on paper it looks like it will be.

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  • JonPD

    Very cool have been playing with it today.

  • Nick

    it would have been nice if could have thrown in an accessory or two for the premium price on this vehicle…i mean come a 45K 3-series sedan WITHOUT options? I don’t see how they can justifiably price this, especially nickel and diming by charging for such petty stuff such as an ipod/usb adapater and satellite radio….these come standard on cars less than half this price come on BMW

  • drew

    their pricing strategy suggests they aren’t that strongly behind it. they ought to make it cost the same.

  • WOW, I just built one to match the specs of my 135 and this thing came in at $54,650! Yes, it’s a well optioned model, but that’s pretty high. Definitely curious to hear about the handling, etc when you guys get your hands on one.