BMW Performance Parts Update

The BMW Performance line of parts has been available for the 1 Series for some time now and the line for the 3 was recently introduced.

Since these parts are designed, and installed by BMW certified technicians they will carry a BMW warranty. These parts are installed after purchase and not at the factory. Many of the parts will be available at your local dealers now though the full line should be available by April of ’09. Here are a few pictures and we will continue to update as we acquire more info.

Link to UK Brochure [pictobrowser 24869089@N02 72157609955424362]

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  • RJ

    Are we really sure the Recaro seats pictured (IIRC, I believe they are Recaros) are going to be offered in the States? I wouldn’t think BMW would go through the bother of certifying these seats for US sales with our safety rules. I do seem to recall that these seats have integrated side air bags, however…

  • Those Recaro seats looks awesome!!!

  • Ben

    A pdf brochure is available via the BMW UK website

    Anyone knows whether the seats and steering wheel can be fitted to a 2006 M3?