Top Gear: IS-F vs. ///M3 Sedan

It is well known that Jeremy Clarkson is no fan of the Roundel. Maybe he has just been a closet fan and is now out of the closet. Finally in Top Gear ‘s 12th season he lets his true feelings out in a comparison of the E90 M3 versus the Lexus IS-F.

“The Lexus does a lot of things brilliantly. But the BMW… that does everything brilliantly. In the past you ‘d have to be a cock to buy one; now though, you ‘re a cock if you don ‘t. Cocks are now driving Audis and dorks are driving Lexus. “

Lap times: M3= 1:25.3 which is faster than a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Porsche 997 C2S, Porsche Cayman S, BMW M5, and Aston Martin DB9 to name just a few!

IS-F= 1:26.9 not too bad but not an ///M3

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  • Manzancene

    hahahahahhaha!! great! i’m just going to watch the full episode now! =D Cheers!

  • JonPD

    I put the IS-F into the same place I put the GTR, at the end of the day they still look like Japanese cars, which are all so similar design concepts that I get lost in the mediocrity of the design. Glad to see Jeremy come around on the new M3 it is quite a car and by sound alone one of the best notes to date from BMW.

  • Primo135
  • Given the IS-F exists, I can see exactly why BMW have made an M3 sedan. Doesn’t make it look right though.

    The lap times from both saloons were damn impressive though.

  • Ham

    M3 still reigns supreme!

  • wow. most amazing quote in a long time

  • TMQ

    Clarkson is very entertaining.

    I wonder what justifies his comments about Audi. Is it because Audi seems to offer better designs?

  • Here is what Audi offers. Spamming its car in every single Hollywood movie that is not sponsored by GM

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