New Z4 Brochure image

Here is an image based on a scan of the upcoming Z4 brochure, much like we broke the news of the E90 LCI via leaked scan the guys over at BMWBLOG have done the same this go around.

The car is looking great and the BMW marketing department is being nice enough to and give us some hints until the official release on the 15th. If the car drives half as good as it looks it is sure to be a huge improvement in sales numbers compared to the outgoing model; unless it is priced like a Porsche.

The original image is a bit squashed from the scan so you can see the original and an edited version from Dazzler.

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  • JonPD

    Quite honestly the first time my GP has been in potential danger. I think you hit the nail on the head though Michael, cost….

    As the Z4 is being aimed at Merc and Porsche I think we are going to see a increase in the price. Maybe have been hitting the BMW lemonade a bit hard on this but I like the 135i and the M3 but this car is in another league all together.

    Awesome job BMW!

  • Michael

    I don’t think Z attracted a lot of Boxter or Cayman buyers. ZM sales were kind of low, I think, compared to Porsche. So increase in price, combined with the current state of the market may not be the best idea. After all, Z is a niche car.

  • BMWs focus with this model was in fact to challenge the other brands unlike in the past, so it should (and in fact I am willing to say WILL) move up market. It also needs to move up market to allow entry of the Z2.

    The last Z did not attract the buyers of Porsche cars b/c of the performance of the standard models, styling and low price point. The marketing people have even stated the car was not targeted at the right group…. this one will be to make it more of a success.

    The rear is a cross between the 6er and X6.

    I am still not sure that Z4 badge on the rear looks right and makes me question the authenticity of the scan, but BMW model badges are getting larger as we all know. And of course it will be sDrive35i on the front fenders.

  • SBGoBig

    I would really like to see a M coupe but in the Z2 version.

  • Eliot R.

    I completely agree with SBGoBig. It’d sell my MINI in a heart beat for something like that.

  • JonPD

    I would expect that the Prince engine out of the Mini is likely to be the motor for the Z2 if it comes along and I would assume they would use the JCW Prince for the engine in it. The Z2 could be a very cool product indeed though I have to say the V8 monster out of the new M3 in a smaller and lighter package is out of the park hit for me.

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  • Looks awesome! Big fan so far!

  • Michael

    I hope BMW solved couple of issues that so far made Cayman S more attractive than Z4M: weight and efficiency. Cayman S is 250lb lighter and has EPA 18/26 vs. 15/23 in Z4M. And Porsche provides a long list of options which the way I prefer since it allows to choose what NOT to have in the car. In true sports car almost everything should be an option.

  • JonPD

    I still have to say that while the Cayman S drives very well its overall design is still pretty hideous to me. I agree that it would be nice to be able to choose what to not have on the car. I think aerodynamics, performance, braking, and seating should be standard in all sports cars, with everything not related to this to be optional extra’s.

    (Hence my problem still with the JCW Mini)

  • JRobUSC

    Personally I welcome a push upmarket with the new Z4. I don’t think pricing it like an SLK or Boxster is out of line if it offers similar or better performance, quality, and ammenities. They are competitors after all, it doesn’t have to be affordable for everyone when those vehicles aren’t. Besides, making it the cheapest didn’t help set any sales records with the old one.

  • txdesign

    I assume that there won’t be a coupe version since this has a retractable hardtop already?

  • JonPD

    I am expecting their might be a chance of a Coupe being offered, however I think that would fully depend on the success of the new car. I wouldn’t be to surprised if the eventual ///M might have a coupe option.