BMW Performance Seats

For all of you that had hopes of placing the beauties in your car some time in the near future; we bring you some news.The good news is that for all you reading this from outside the US of A this has no bearing on you, the bad news is what many had already speculated.

These fantastically designed and engineered seats bearing the BMW Performance branding will not be for sale from the product launch in the US. They do not contain the passenger occupancy mat as is required for all passenger cars in the US. The interesting thing is they did manage to design in side airbags and all of the other safety features.

Sources indicate that BMWNA has not ruled out future availability of these seats as they are aware there is a definite market for them. US pricing or a possible date the seats may become available for the US has not been discussed or even speculated as there are too many variables (such as testing that must be completed if the mats are eventually built in) to consider. While we would love to see these seats brought to the US it hard to imagine there is much market for them in the current financial climate.

It would be interesting to see the sales numbers on these after the first year; they are a great looking seat with immense purpose yet how many would be willing to spend the bucks required to call them their own?

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  • SF Dede

    well that sucks!

  • JonPD

    No surprise there, after all I have a Mini GP setting in my garage with the pitiful US spec seats since the Recaro’s never made it here.

    I am honestly thinking of adding the new E89 ///M once it comes out and would love to see a set of these seats in it. I wonder if BMW understands that still years later most US spec GP owners still have little good to say about the US spec seats. If these are available I would add them in a second, the price really doesn’t make that much of a difference for me. I am already looking for seats to replace the ones in my car at a similar price point I would pay them.

    I have the biggest hopes this decision will change, sad when any number of other manufactures seem capable of bringing their high end seats to the US market while the Ultimate Driving machine has low rent performance seats in them. Yes they are comfortable but spend anytime driving the car hey envisioned and you find yourself dangling off the steering wheel trying to stay in your seat.

  • This isn’t surprising, but it is disappointing. Although it will be YEARS before I can put an E9X in my garage, so maybe by then I’ll be able to get a set.

  • Chaz

    I wonder what the market would be for these. The sports package seats in the thre series (e90) are wonderful. I can see why some say they are even better than the seats in the M3.

    You would have to be pretty hard core to dump those for a set of these beauties – although you should be able to get a pretty penny for the stock sports seats on ebay!

  • JonPD

    Chaz the e90 sport seats are pretty good and the seats in the M3 are decent too though both still really lack the side bolsters to really help hold you in your seat while on the track imo. If there is one thing about spirited driving its having to hang off the steering wheel.