BMW NA Releases ///M Sport Packages

The long awaited ///M Sport packages seen elsewhere in the world are finally coming to the US. Here ‘s an excerpt from an internal BMW release:

With the launch of the Model Year 2009 vehicles, BMW has decided to release M Sport Packages (ZMP) for our US models.Each M Sport Package was developed for the specific Series so that the equipment contained is matched perfectly to the vehicle.The M Sport Package allows customers to further individualize their vehicles for a more aggressive and athletic appearance.

The current or regular Sport Packages will continue to be available for all models. The equipment differentiation between the M Sport Packages and the current Sport Packages are:

  • M door sills
  • M footrest
  • M gearshift lever
  • M steering wheel
  • M wheels
  • Available with an M exterior color
  • Anthracite Headliner (not available on Convertibles)
  • Aerodynamic package

The 5 series and 135 will be the first to get the treatment beginning with January production. The ZMP package can now be ordered and includes styling cues from the ///M line. We will post more info as we can!

+ M Sport Package / Official Internal BMW Press Release

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  • JonPD

    A good bit of news, still wish there was something performance related on the, this is mostly a decorating solution.

  • 5 Rakete

    Yes, cosmetic. Curious that it appears to not be available on the 550i.

  • It’s huge for asthetic purposes alone. Especially with the headliner.

  • Doh! The early bird doesn’t get the worm. Sad for those of us with ’08 models. Though, I really only care about the headliner and wheels.

    I guess this is BMW’s answer to Audi’s S-Line cars. Nice, but I’ll echo the sentiments above that it would be great if there were performance or suspension related bits, too!

  • Parker

    Crazy that you guys get this before me, and I work for a BMW dealer. I am excited for this so much, I had just put in an order for a new 335i, and was going to add all of these parts. Now it will just come the way I wanted it straight from the factory.

    Any ideas when they will release it for the 3 series?

    5 Rakete; Reason its not for the 550i is because it already had the different wheels and Aero kit.

  • Chaz

    about a year ago a german magazine described the future of the sports package, but it included real things, like bigger brakes and an extra 50hp for the 335. I’ve always wondered if these things would make it to the US. Maybe not…

  • Chris B.

    At long last, years after everyone else it’s finally come to US(pun fully intended). Only question now is cost?? I’m going to guess $3-$3,500k?

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  • Im not sure how I feel about this…I like more aggressive beemers out there but I dont want to see the M named over used either.

  • davdgo

    i’ll bet this is the new mystery bridgermobile in 135 flavor alpine white

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  • Hopco

    I like the look, esp. the wheels. Too bad one cannot get the ARS on an E61. I’m not sure about all the M badged items. Kinda ersatz M Car. Since I had an M car until I grew too old (am 70), I feel BMW should restrict M-badges to real M Cars.

    In the event, I may go with the M-Sport pack rather than the plan sport PAC, I like the comfort seat. BMW may be offering the kit as the E60/61 is nearing the end of its life (remember the 7L of ’86).