Coming Soon: US Spec 2010 5 & 6 Series

We can officially say it is official. BMWNA will be introducing the 2010 models of the 5 and 6 Series soon. Production will begin in March.

This will intro the “new ” iDrive (CIC) into these models along with some other cosmetic tweaks. It is worth noting that if you do not choose the optional Navigation system you will receive the current iDrive system (CCC). We will update you with more info as we receive it.

+ 5 & 6 Series 2010 model year Bulletin / Official BMW NA PDF

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  • Joe

    BS. I really hope they allow a retrofit of the new CIC to the 08 models. I hate the way they just kill residuals on older models just to sell more cars.

  • Joe- Not sure what to tell you but the fact is technology moves on and cars change, iDrive is a computer for the car and I doubt most people would still use a computer designed back in 2002. I personally liked the old system and have had 3 different versions of it. A car depreciates quite fast now that more technology has moved in.

    There will not be a software update to make the old system new… it is not possible there is a ton of new hardware and the processors are not compatible.

    The new F10 version of the car will be here in about a year then your residual will really plummet, iDrive is the least of the worries when it comes to residual value.

    Also worth noting is that 3 series cars have not been completely destroyed in value by the new iDrive (they received the update in the fall) since cars had it as an option. The E60 without Nav will still use the old system, once again not killing the residual for base equipment. The Navigation option has always been the worst option to buy for residual purposes, it loses most of its value and that is easily observed on many car value sites.

    In the end BMW has to compete with other brands and of course to sell new cars, they try to keep residuals up as best they can but they must also move forward.

    BMW actually does a lot to keep residuals up and I could spend an entire post explaining that… and maybe I will in the future.

    I am sorry that you are upset at these changes but I would be more upset buying a 2009 last week to have the year cut in half and then the new option becomes available. Cars are for driving and if we always waited for the next best thing we would never buy one…. I hope that you are still enjoying your car and the best of luck!

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