BMW Space Concept Sketch Video (PAS)

We have been scratching our heads here about what exactly is BMW thinking with creating this new niche vehicle in the PAS. We now have a better idea thanks to the marketing department and

Look for BMW to debut this concept at a specific Munich press event in February with a production ready version to follow later this year.

This is the first video of a series presenting this newconcept by BMW. Innovative space concepts, premium comfort. It is not a sedan, no SUV and no station-wagon, but 100% BMW. Or at least that ‘s what BMW marketing is saying. We ‘ll withhold our judgement until we drive it.

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  • TMQ

    100% BMW? too much marketing stuff. Seems like answer to another question that no one asks.

  • bmwFan

    Nevertheless, BMW still hasn’t figured out how to design cup holders that are discrete and functional. Disclosure: I own a 335i coupe.

  • lava

    what’s with the minivan?

  • Pat H.

    I think the video is a really cool. Maybe I’m just a sucker for comic sketches but I enjoyed it.

    As far as the car itself is concerned, I too question its origins. But from the video is seems like BMW is trying to make a car that truly encompasses utility. Years ago when SUV’s first started to hit the mainstream we thought (Auto wise) Utility as meaning you can go off road with it on Sunday and commute to Work on Monday. Since then the typical SUV has only improved its on road drive while giving up its off road ride.

    I would guess that BMW is now seeing Utility as a car that really can do everything for a person/family. It can be the “SUV” to haul the kids and groceries during the week, be the lux. sedan to take to dinner on Friday night, be loaded up for a weekend end ski trip to the mountain or for a day at the golf course.

    I’m sure what I describe scares the hell out of most people on this site because it doesn’t mean that they are driver focused. Before anyone jumps to that conclusion, remember who and what BMW is. The Ultimate Driving Machine. Although it can be disputed in some vehicles of the recent past, my opinion is that this has never been sacrificed by BMW. I’m sure this car will drive better than 70% of the non-BMW’s on the road today.

    I think the PAS has a good chance to be a success if it’s going to be what I expect it to be. I would like to remind everyone of the Mercedes R-Class. Now first, let me tell you that I adamantly dislike this car. However, I always felt that it had every opportunity to be a great vehicle had it not been a re-skinned Pacifica. It could have done a lot of things well had Mercedes made it better and it drove better. Despite all of it’s shortcomings it did sell a little bit (albeit when it was discounted.) I think BMW might be able to with the PAS what Mercedes couldn’t with the R-Class.

    Ok that’s all from me for now.

  • lava

    haven’t they already done much of this with the X6 – another peculiar one. Is this supposed to slot in between the X6 and a sedan?

    Mazda has played around in this space somewhat – first with a minivan that was smaller than most others in the category, then with their Mazda5 model which was a blend between a small wagon and a minivan, but seated 6 in a C size platform, actually pretty compelling. But they ended up scrapping the minivan for crossover suvs, and the 5 has never been a big seller. These models have always been more successful outside the US.

  • I just can’t wait to see how they pulled off the rear trunk not being a hatch… that is boggling my mind.

    I have experienced the silhouette of this car up close and personal and I honestly loved the lines and the massive rims that I saw. This thing really intrigues me.


  • j

    if this sells, it will be cause of the badge….