BMW PAS Leaked?

With the BMW PAS going to be unveiled in Geneva there have been teaser videos, newer spy shots and now a possible leak. We are not sure why they would purposelyleak something so late in the game as the official press packet is due out tomorrow whenever BMW decides to let the cat out of the bag…. as 2/11 is what we heard from several sources (we will of course get you the photos as soon as they become available).

Here is the reportedly “leaked ” image of the White PAS and the others are photoshops but are fairly spot on to the the white one with a few subtle differences (exhaust). Whether it is truly leaked or just a chop is up for debate but either way this car (or whatever you want to call it!) is going to be in class all by itself for at least a few weeks. [pictobrowser 24869089@N02 72157613629836620]

Photos from: World Car Fans, Auto Motor and Sport

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  • JonPD


    Hard to believe that their is something so ugly to make the X6 look decent to my eye. I wonder about BMW at times that seems to be putting more effort into Mommy wagons than cars. Oh well enough venting for now.

    Seems like odd timing if BMW released this so close to the official release.

  • AN

    I’m not sure I’d drive it if it were free. Yikes.

  • JAA

    It looks like a shorter (height) X6…

  • Joe

    Another confused vehicle from BMW. But hey I am no expert.

  • popfart

    Why BMW why? It might be time to jump ship over to Porsche or even Audi.

  • Ben

    @ Joe: Yes, it’s as confused as an adolescent child.

    FWIW, I like the blue one better.

  • The scary thing here is that these are artist renderings, hacking most of the details from the Concept CS. The real thing won’t look nearly this good, and this looks so weird. I imagine the real thing is going to make us nauseous. I’m tired of artists rendering the CS headlights onto upcoming BMWs. When will they learn that the CS was a beautiful accident, that REAL Bimmers of late come out looking like weird space aliens.

  • Joe S.

    BMW PAS. so when they offer an M version, it will be the BMW PAS M, not to be confused with PASM (Porsche Active Stability Managment). iv tolerated everything. i officially hate BMW.

  • JonPD

    There are real shots of this ugly duckling out now. The BMW 5 series GT.

    All I can say is day by day BMW slips to placating the moms and dads of the world. I am a fan of the roundel for more than a few years. I however am choking on what they are doing with the ever increasing mass and size of vehicles made by the company. All I can say is that its time to wake up BMW, the not so big three can tell you plenty about the success of the bigger is better philosophy that you seem hell bent on pursuing. Between the never decreasing beltline of the BMW brand and what they are doing with the Mini brand I think that they should just give up the moniker of being a drivers car, and pursue the mediocre path they have been on.

    Pretty sad when Nissan makes a drivers car that BMW in their wildest dreams could not develop, the ultimate driving machine my ###.