BMW 5 Series GT Concept (PAS)

Today we bring you images of the PAS Concept. We will analyze this vehicle in terms of appearance and purpose over the next day or so but in the mean-time we would love to hear your impressions.

We expect the production version to be very similar to this “concept ” minus the color palette as BMW has been introducing most model concepts in near production form.

[pictobrowser 24869089@N02 72157613728906139]

Photos: BMW via Autobild

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  • ralfie

    Very nice, different then everything else out there!!!

  • Pat H.

    I like it. I think it’s a pretty cool looking car. God knows how well this thing is going to sell, but I still like it.

    Sign me up for that interior! It’s awesome.

  • It seems like there’s almost 2 different design teams working at BMW right now. There’s the talented individuals making the new Z4, X5, 3-series coupe, which I think are just gorgeous, and those making these odd, pig-nosed cars (7-series, X3, and PAS). I’m really not a fan of these flat front-ends. The rest of the car looks fairly nice, but the front is just completely uninspiring. I really like the interior treatment, however.

  • Dede

    I am honestly not sure. What is difficult for me is to understand how big it is. I have no scale reference. I have a feeling the nose will grow on me. I like the very subtle middle character line in the doors. No sure about the interior colors at all. I expected a little bit more rear deck lid. Maybe it will grow on me. My feeling is though that the PAC 3 series may be more what I am looking for now that I see this.

  • Zack

    It’s disgusting. It looks like an X6 crossed with the new 7-series.

    My initial reaction to like it, but the “aftertaste”(if you will) is not a good one.

  • Mark Smith a.k.a BMWPro77

    5 series meets X6. I like it. My question is is this BMW’s Mercedes CLS fighter???

  • California Lawyer

    I don’t like it from any angle and that’s coming from someone who adores the current 5 series. The pig-nosed front is unattractive, but the X6-ish back-end is downright ugly. I simply see no point in this vehicle whatsoever. BMW should avoid diluting the brand with an ill concieved mess like this.

  • Dan

    Front end looks good. Headlights are cool, very aggressive. Grill is maybe a little big. Red dash has to go. Steering wheel is ok, airbag section is a little too chunky. It will be interesting to see how the production interior comes out. Rear visibility does not look to be very good. I like the exhaust. Interesting trunk/hatch opening. It’s good that most of the pics are with it open, cause the rear design is terrible, at least in these pics. The deck lid seems too high. The bottom part of the trunk does not flow with the lines of the rear bumper. Not a fan of the chrome strip there either. Overall I just don’t like the rear end design.

  • JAA

    It looks similar to the X6, just shorter (height). It also has only 4 seats, like the X6. Why do they need 2 of these vehicles?

  • Matt

    Generally like the look and lines apart from the rear 3/4, probably the angle, and like the Z4 doesn’t translate well in photos.

    I wonder if the rear door panels will remain in production. Also if it will remain a 4 seater, I doubt it.

    Love the pillar-less doors.

    It looks big, very heavy.

    The big wheels will be options, but necessary to avoid the box-on-castors look.

  • So is this essentially the next 5-Series wagon?

  • adc

    Still not sure if there is a market for both the X6 and this… especially in the current economy…

    The interior is absolutely gorgeous, I hope the next 5 inherits heavily from it.

  • California Lawyer

    It’s terrible in every respect – hope it never sees production.

  • Chaz

    I saw the german press was calling this the GT model. What an oxymoron!!! I couldn’t figure out why they were making this model, until the article mentioned the aging demographics of their audience, and that this car was targeted towards the older age group. Makes sense – I guess???

    Size wise, just about as long as a 7 series( 4,99 vs 5,07 Meter), Height wise . X3 is 1.65m, this is 1.55M, and sedan is what 1.44 meters if I remember?

    Also, they are doing the same thing with the 3 series (scheduled for 2012…)

    I worry BMW is going in a direction that takes it away from their roots…

  • RJ

    I like Kyle’s comment best: “odd, pig-nosed cars”.

    Makes for a swell marketing tagline for the BMW NA staff!!!

  • TMQ

    I think the flat nose has something to do with the European safety requirement. It looks quite good on the new Z4.

    The video says that this will be available in 4-seat or 5-seat versions.

    I actually like this 5 series GT. Why? Because you can get rid of the X6. Many people like the higher ride height, so maybe this is what people want, not too high with SUVs. And you can get it with RWD.

    But the 5 series touring would still offer more carrying space.

  • Cool, but it looks like it only seats 4 which will limit its appeal. I need a vehicle that seats at least 5.

  • This is what I love about BMW design. You look at it and it looks like it will eat somebody soul. Love it.