5 Series Gran Turismo Concept Unveiling

For your viewing pleasure we ‘re happy to present to you all nine parts of the Gran Turismo concept introduction. This including a full walk through of the concept by Adrian Van Hooydonk.

From Munich to your computer. Enjoy.

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  • JonPD

    Finally, so BMW is saying this car is being developed for old BMW drivers. Guess it explains the looks of this car. Having said that I would rather take mass transit in my old age than to be seen in something this hideous.

    In my very limited design world view this car is not a high point of BMW design.

  • Neil S

    It used to be that Mercedes was dowdy, BMW was cool, and Audi was niche. Now it feels like BMW is getting dowdy – this, X6 – and Audi has all the momentum.

  • JonPD

    Its beginning to feel that way I agree Neil. Hopefully the global economy gets a clear message to BMW that they are somewhat off the track. I can say that the day a Datsun outran all BMW production cars at the ring that they should have retired the Ultimate Driving Machine.