Leaked? 2011 BMW 5 Series (F10)

From our inbox to you comes a (reportedly) leaked image of the next generation 5 series. If this is the new 5er, it looks aggressive and once again will set itself apart from its competitors and be one of the boldest models in the BMW lineup.

The surfacing of the hood and large lower intakes scream: Sporty. While we can not verify the legitimacy of the image we thought you, our readers. would like to see the possibility.

Thanks Carl!

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  • Dan

    Interesting, it looks a lot like this rendering. But there are some differences, which leads me to believe it could be the real deal.

  • Tim

    Why so much ground clearance? To me this looks more X5 than 5er or is that what the F10 is supposed to be?


  • AN

    I like it. It looks angry.

  • Mark Smith a.k.a BMWPro77

    See the center line on the hood? It reminds me of BMW’s of the 80’s i.e. E28, E34 5 series with the same thing. Very old school.

  • yea…I could almost see this being some kind of SUV/Crossover, whatever you wish to call it. I love how aggressive it looks.

  • eager2own

    Agree — looks more like an X5 with some elements from an Audi Q7