7 Series US Press Introduction Video

[pictobrowser motoringfile 72157612647158052]

For those wanting a more in-depth look at the new 7er BMW has posted it ‘s online press introduction of the car for anyone interested. The site has a number of videos discussing everything design to features and to technology.

+ 2009 7 Series Live Online Media Event / BMW USA

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  • I really like it. The more I see it, the more it grows on me. The interior is great – I especially liked the dark tan leather with the “anthracite” colored floor, accents, etc. Great combo. The interior is massive too – I could live quite comfortably in that back seat I am sure! 🙂

  • It’s really growing on me too. I love everything except the HUGE grill and the taillights. And it’s not even the shape, it’s the details within the light itself. I’m sure some aftermarket lights will be release to rectify the rear end.

  • JonPD

    I am impressed with the design overall. The CS lines seem to be a new direction on many of the recent cars, which I think isn’t a bad thing. The new more upright front end is still a bit distracting to my eye but slowly growing on me.

  • What I know people will love is the new technology offerings; BMW really did a great job with this car in making it user friendly. If other media outlets start complaining I can tell you that they are clueless and that they just need something to complain about.

    I did a complete review of the technology offerings not to long ago, but that is just the surface. If you get a chance to try the technology out, you will develop an even greater respect for this car.