BMW Developing Navigation System that Learns Where You\’re Going

It may sound a little sinister but BMW is working on software within their navigation system that actually predicts where you ‘re headed while driving. The system will then display some potential routes based on compiled data on how and where you drive. Here ‘s the an excerpt from

According to BMW the system, which is aptly called the ILENA, short for Intelligent Learning Navigation, is already 80 percent accurate with regards to it guesses of the car’s next possible stop. This system besides the convenience also aims at efficiency. The onboard computer can do some computations and analyses based on the information it gathers and automatically adjusts the car’s performance and power utilization accordingly. When this idea is brought to all of the car’s system, it can effectively lower costs between 5-10 percent.

Cool or way too intruding? Sound off in the comment section below…

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  • A bit scary, reminds me off a Simpsons episode where a MLB/Fox Satellite was monitoring peoples movements…

    I find that my latest version of the old iDrive adapts my routes to where I drive. For example; the first time I plugged in my work address (more for traffic reasons) the Nav wanted to send me one way, but since I knew how to get there I went the way I normally do and it rerouted. Now when I plug it in it sends me the way I went and not the way it originally told me to go. And no it was not b/c of traffic as the roads it adjusted were tertiary roads in my neighborhood.

    I am unsure how they predict where you want to go and if I like the idea of the car adjusting efficiency based on what it predicts… I have BMWs in the garage because I like to drive and be connected, if I wanted to be a passenger I would drive a Lexus.

  • Ben

    Mmmm. Not a fan. Whatever happened to just the driving experience? As long as this is not standard equipment, I’m fine with whatever technological advances they come up with.

  • JonPD

    Not generally a fan of GPS systems, they have their uses but only on very occasional longer distance trips. No doubt that many will like this but to me it somewhat steps across the line towards personal intrusion.

  • Chaz

    It sounds pretty useful.

    Well, in the same way that an automatic transmission, AWD, adapative cruise control, lane departure warning, etc are useful.

    I don’t have any of those on my car, and that is the way I like it.

    Besides, it is the 20% of the time when I am going somewhere unpredictable that I would use the assistance. The rest of the time I would have the system turned off.