///M X6 Cold Weather Testing

The ///M version of the X6 is undergoing BMW ‘s winter testing program in the frigid North and today we have some photos of it. While many true enthusiasts are not enamored with this vehicle being brought to market from the famous Motorsports division, it still makes you wonder how this thing must drive if they are willing to put their name on it.

[pictobrowser 24869089@N02 72157614378351478] Scoopy/MotorDN

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  • JonPD

    I have no doubt that it will be a capable car, then again think we could look at F1 racing and see that when it comes to a performance car lightweight is king. Just because you can turn a H2 Hummer into a much faster better handling car is not really a good reason to do it in my small world view.

    Think this broadly is turning what exactly the M division stands for into a big question mark in my book. I have no love for SUV’s (or whatever BMW wants to call it)and really have some serious hate for performance SUVs as a hugely wasteful experience.

  • Nozz

    U-G-L-Y… but I bet it scoots like a tazered ape. I can accommodate more people in a 335i than an X6 more less money and better performance