Car Scoops the next Generation 1er

A lot is old news, some of it is new. Regardless it ‘s worth a click.

+ BMW Rethinks 2011 1-Series / Car Magazine

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  • JonPD

    Some very interesting tidbits in the article. Hoping that BMW also follows Audi’s trend on shedding some of the mass of the cars. Audi is talking about reducing the weight of the S4 by 20% while putting a high output 4 under the hood.

  • C

    I am afraid, the head lights and the grill looks like a Dodge Charger Rip off! yuck!

  • Dewey

    I think it’s a nice that they are going to make the 1 a little more unique. That’s what I love about my 1, how rare it is. But it still, at a quick glance, can be hard to differentiate from a 3 Coupe for some. If the next gen 1 looks anything like that concept, there cerently won’t be any confusion anymore.