News that isn\’t News: M Division Says no to the Z4

It ‘s been reported previously here and elsewhere on the web but last week the M Division once again stated that they had no plans to develop the current Z4 into an M product. And it makes sense with the amount of work ahead of themselves (X5 M, X6 M, M5, M6, 1 Series Supersport and the next M3) they have no shortage of products to fill the gap.

So for those waiting and hoping for the return of the M Coupe or Roadster, you may want to start looking in the classified section for low mileage used examples.

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  • eager2own

    It makes sense that they don’t have time for the Z4 because of time/resoureces spent on the X5 and X6?


  • Dylan

    I don’t think I realised the 1 Series SS was an M product. That’s exciting.

  • JonPD

    Sad but not unexpected.

    Think what is worse still is that M has been developing high power SUVs. Makes me wonder if they have looked around the market lately to see the direction of the market.

    The 1 series SS has potential as does the next generation M3 (hopefully one or both will be going on a lean diet). I have already given up on the E89, even with its nice design the lack of a coupe took it firmly out of contention. Now all I have to do if to figure out how to delete those hideous side markers on the E86 M. I have already been checking out a large number of dealerships looking for a acceptable E86 M.

  • thrill

    This would simply be, with no attempt to be delicate here, a stupid decision. An X-series M is more important than a roadster M? Has BMW forgotten that the people who rave about their vehicles are their best marketing material – I sure won’t be raving about an M version of an X series.

  • JonPD

    What amazes me about the move to produce M versions of the SAV’s has to be that M for me has always stood for motor sport. I cannot see a field of X5 M’s racing on the north loop. I am sure they will be able to wring out good performance they are light years away from anything in the motor sports world.

    I do think that more than a few potential customers will lean away from the E89 once finding out there will not be a M version made.

  • The ///M versions of the “X” vehicles was conceptualized during the initial planning phase of the X6, something that occurred a long time ago; this was not something that was recent and with the entire design, and testing nearly complete before the market fell out BMW invested a good deal of capital into the project.

    Sure they could have scrapped it all together when the market changed but the money was already invested and the project was near completion so from a business standpoint they had to give it a shot and at least recoup some of that investment. Doubt they will sell a lot of them but I see a lot of AMG SUVs on a daily basis so there is a market for them; though the actual market is niche and I am sure in certain geographic areas. There are at least 2 Porsche Cayenne turbos and 1 GTR version on my street, so in all honesty it would be a welcomed sight for me to see some ///Ms there instead! Those soccer moms are always in a rush!

    As some journalists have finally realized: the new Z4 is an E-code. It is E89; I remember when I noted this here and elsewhere people gave me a hard time about it not being an F and that I should check my sources because BMW was onto “F”, not in this case. People need to realize that the Z4 was part of the 10 year old GINA project and the car has been in stages of design for sometime, so it has been tweaked here and there for optimum marketing and sales.

    Personally, I believe that an ///M version was in the works initially (notice how there is ///M suspension as an option!) but as the economic climate deteriorated and before BMW invested into the full on ///M version they pulled the plug. The Z2 (or another roadster/ coupe) will be an eco-friendly car and will be a statement car for BMW and the ///M division as instead of building a high output super car BMW will built a green high performance car to change the landscape of sports cars…. we will see but that is what we have been hearing. BMW has not shown their full hand yet, but if you think about how well this Z4 performs (with the ///M suspension) it is close to the previous ///M in most categories; excluding rawness of course.

    The other thing people must realize is that the majority of the buying public did not like the previous generations rawness or dynamics, they sat and sat until heavily subsidized; being one of the biggest flops in company history a new version would need to be different on many levels; this is what they did and it should be a better seller.

  • Mark

    The TTRS Roadster or a low mileage Carrera S Cab suddenly look much more appealing. I can’t quite fathom how BMW think there is a market for ‘M’ SUV’s but none for a high output 2 seater roadster. It begars belief really.