What once was rumor is now fact. Or so the rumors go.

Ok that aside it would seem that BMW has committed to building the Z2 roadster and coupe based off of the next generation 1 Series architecture. The car will feature all the technology you ‘d expect in a small sports car for the future. Turbo four cylinder engines will dominate (potentially a version of the MINI JCW 1.6L currently offered) but hybrid and full electric power will be offered according to the German magazine Auto Bilde. This technology will come directly from BMW ‘s much publicized Project i initiative that is currently manifested in the MINI E but will also surface in BMW and MINI ‘s new city cars. In fact think of the Z2 as the flagship for BMW ‘s Project i and its Effecient Dynamics.

The Z2 will also feature a lightweight construction that goes far beyond a piece of carbon fiber here and there. Reportedly the target weight for the roadster is a scant 2200lbs. In all it ‘ll be quite a statement and in some ways a return to BMW ‘s roots.

Look for a Z2 concept at Frankfurt this Fall.

+ BMW macht es leicht / Auto Builde

+ BMW macht es leicht / Auto Builde (Translated)