Your Favorite Current BMW

E90 M3, originally uploaded by Motoringfile.

Mine is above. I ‘m guessing it may be Michael ‘s as well. But what about yours? What do you day-dream about more than any other current BMW model?

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  • thigga Plz

    Mine is the M5 baby!!!! It’s the original M3!!!!

  • cct1

    Hands down, the Z2, if it’s true to the previous reports….

  • Dave K

    love the current m5, but I live in southern california and desperately want a convertible. no to the m6 (it’s the rear end) so i’m gonna go with the m3 convertible. bonus pts because it’s finally a hard-top.

  • Nicolas

    Mine is also the E90 M3. Love it. And I am lucky enough to actually own one 😉

  • mike

    the m6 makes me drool.

  • chaz

    I’m happy with my 328 :-O I’m going to keep my Miata until BMW comes up with something light, playful, and fairly track ready (Z2???)

  • Ben

    Mmmm… e92 M3

  • Matt

    Another vote for the E90 M3 Sedan.

  • JonPD

    Styling the E89

    Soundtrack hands down the E90 M

    The car I would love to bring home in the current line-up would be a easy choice the E90 M.

  • well, other than my ’74 2002, i’d take a 135i 3-door hatch. if it ever makes it over to the states, that is. the 135i was a blast to drive when i piloted it around on the komen drive for the cure. the M3 was nice, but too big for my liking.

  • Dave K

    speaking of big… that new 7 series is awesome as well. but still 2nd place to a new m3 convertible

  • Jon

    of all time? 850 CSi.

    Currently being made? 135i (Though I wish the new Z4 would have an M Coupe version… that’d be the cat’s derriere!)

  • Eliot R.

    E60 M5 with a 6-speed manual please.

  • Actually mine would be an E61 ///M5 but that is a pipe dream, so I have to settle for the E90 ///M3…. which I LOVE and will do a long term review in the future as I now have 5k miles!

  • James Olson

    Mine is the one I currently own. 2009 550i. Its my first BMW and it has definately has me hooked on Bimmers.

  • CiaoBoy

    I like my 2008 Sparkling Graphite E92 M3 with the DCT and without iDrive.

  • Dylan

    135i M Sport. Manual. Black with coral red leather.

  • M_Power

    Previous BMWs (chronological order):

    Neue Klasse 2002tii, 2002 Turbo
    E9                  3.0CSL
    E24                M635CSi
    E28                M5
    E30                320iS 4-door (Italian version), M3 Coupe (2.3 version)
    E34                M5 Sedan (one with S38B38 motor)
    E36                M3 Coupe (Euro spec late version with S50B32 motor)
    E39                M5 
    E46/2            M3 Coupe (Euro spec), M3 CSL


    E92                328i, M3
    E60                550i

    No SUVs, SAVs and newer mutants, no convertibles, no roadsters (328 and 507 are exceptions), no wagons. Last few on the list are quite porky, but I guess that is the direction all manufacturers are taking these days. Don’t like V10, V12, don’t like larger cars, no AWD. No turbos (except 2002 one).

    To me BMW is about small, light, nimble, fun to drive cars, with hardtop and 2 or 4 doors, well built and designed, with engine (atmospheric inline 4 or 6) in the front driving rear wheels, with great steering feel, great breaks and awesome manual gearbox.

    I realize the above description does not fully apply to any of current models, which is a great disappointment to me. And it looks like BMW is getting ready to move further and further away from what made them legendary, the very reason we are fans of the brand and are spending time at forums like bf….

  • My race-ready E30 is my favorite BMW 😀 Just did a track day in Spa – which was one of the greatest driving experiences so far.

  • Philip: If you have any photos you would like to share let us know via the contact link!

    M_Power: Great list of cars you have there…CSL is something quite special!

  • Alpina B3 Biturbo touring … black on black my next car (I hope). If not probably a 130i sporthatch (EU 3door) with compressor from rotrex.

  • Current – 135i or M5 Touring. There’s nothing cooler than a Euro estate with 500+ bhp!

    Old skool – the 507, such a stunning design.

  • @Michael: Pictures and some video clips are on Flickr, follow the link.

  • SMP

    I own a 135i convertible, which I adore. But if I were to pick a favorite, it would be the M6 coupe!