BMW 128 or 135?

Inspired by last week ‘s post and recent articles in Roundel it occurred to me to build similar trim level 1 ‘s to see where they shake out.

To create similar cars the first step is the M-sport pack.This levels the aesthetic by adding the M body kit to the 128, the steering wheel and suspension equalizes as well, leaving only 17 ” wheels to be upgraded to the BMW Motorsport wheels.What of the 135 ‘s larger front brakes?The BMW Performance calipers are effectively the same as the 135 ‘s, so add them too.The final step adds xenon lights.

So what we have is two nearly identical cars.With marginally improved braking on the 128, but 70 fewer horsepower and no trick e-diff from the 135, while picking up marginal MPG.We expect some savings given our thriftiness opting for the 128 ‘s non-turbocharged motor, yes?So did I, however that proves not to be the case.The minimally optioned 135 (white, M-sport) comes in at $37,975 while the 128, with; M-sport, Performance brakes, 18 ” Motorsport wheels, Xenon ‘s, rings up at $37,830.It came as a shock to me too, but it pretty clearly illustrates what a performance bargain the 135 truly is.

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  • Hmmm, I may show this to my wife. She thought the 128 would have been fine. 🙂

  • Dylan

    I’m not sure this exercise positions the 135i as a “performance bargain” rather it suggests ticking too many options on any BMW is quickly going to turn it into “expensive” to “really really expensive”

  • Barry

    Who would’ve thought the pricing would be so bloody close?!?!

  • Doug

    I understand the point being made in this article. However, when I see a 135 in person, and then hear $40k… I thnk something, but not bargain.

  • Jon

    I don’t care. The 135i is a lust-worthy car, (when equipped with the M-sport package). Luv it.