BMW Debuts the X5 Security Plus

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Official Release: BMW is extending its range of security vehicles by an additional model in a new protection class. The BMW X5 Security Plus complies with the requirements of bullet resistance class 6 (APR 2006), bringing versatile mobility and comprehensive protection against criminal assault into line with each other. It is the first vehicle produced by a high-volume manufacturer to offer a security concept aimed at lessening the danger of attacks using the world’s most widely used handgun of the type AK 47. The vehicle, which was developed on the basis of the successful BMW X5 Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV), offers room for up to four persons inside an exceptionally well-protected passenger cabin. Moreover, its superior drive and suspension technology also allows the driver to cope effortlessly with demanding situations, both on the road and on rough terrain. With the BMW X5 Security Plus, BMW is defining a new benchmark in protection against crime on the road.

The security concept for the BMW X5 Security Plus focuses on its armoured passenger cabin. It guarantees excellent protection, including the use of high-performance steel moulded components and panels. The body features sealed joints, which also provide protection in critical areas – e.g. between doors and frames as well as between side panels and pillars – thus preventing bullet or fragment penetration, as well as security glass conceived exclusively for this bullet resistance class. Furthermore, the windows resist attack using clubs, crowbars etc. and feature a polycarbonate coating that protects the interior from glass shatter.

BMW X5 Security Plus: Premiere for a new benchmark in security.

The BMW X5 Security Plus was tested in compliance with the BRV 1999 guideline for bullet-resistant vehicles and offers protection according to VPAM – APR 2006 in the bullet resistance class 6. The professional protection concept for the new BMW X5 Security Plus is, inter alia, designed to combat criminal threats such as robbery, abduction or carjacking, however, additionally for employment in hot spots in which the AK 47 has become a typical firearm used by assailants. The BMW X5 Security Plus offers comprehensive protection against these kind of attacks. Its security features were devised exclusively for this model and thoroughly tested within the framework of product development. The integration of the protective components was effected parallel to the series development of the BMW X5.

Effective protection as standard, perfectly tuned to the Sports Activity Vehicle.

Therefore, like all other BMW security vehicles, the BMW X5 Security Plus also offers comprehensive protection as standard. As opposed to retrofitted armour plating, BMW security vehicle assembly guarantees that all components are perfectly adapted to each specific model and, in addition, correspond the stringent BMW quality assurance guidelines. Assembly of the BMW X5 Security Plus is effected parallel to the production vehicle at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina/USA. The installation of protective features is performed in accordance with BMW processes at the Toluca plant (Mexico). BMW’s more than 30 years of experience in security vehicle construction is apparent both in the development and the production of the BMW X5 Security Plus.

The standard security features of the BMW X5 Security Plus include, in addition to the effective armour plating, distinctive technical attributes that provide assistance in dealing with hazardous situations. An intercom system facilitates communication with persons outside the vehicle, without having to open doors or windows. The hold-up alarm ensures that windows and doors lock automatically. Furthermore, acoustic and visual alarm signals are emitted. The system’s control elements are located behind a panel on the centre console. Optional features include a rear view camera which transmits its images to the control display of the iDrive operating system located on the dashboard, providing assistance during reversing. The camera of the side view system integrated into the front bumper offers a detailed overview of what is going on in front of the vehicle. For example, when leaving a multi-storey car park or driving through narrow gateways, it is possible to identify cross traffic in good time.

Furthermore, the standard features of the BMW X5 Security Plus also include bi-xenon headlights with adaptive cornering light. These ensure optimum visibility thanks to a light beam that follows the course of the bend. In addition, this cornering light function ensures premature illumination of the road ahead when changing direction at road junctions or driveways.

Agile and safe on any terrain.

Over and above the outstanding level of security, the BMW X5 Security Plus also impresses with the highest degree of comfort, first-class handling and extremely sporty road performance. Thanks to its generous interior, its powerful eight-cylinder engine and intelligent four-wheel drive BMW xDrive, it is adequately equipped both for everyday traffic as well as for situations requiring fast and flexible response.

The 4.8-litre V8 power unit of the BMW X5 Security Plus delivers an output of 261 kW/355 bhp and a maximum torque of 475 Nm achieved at an engine speed of 3,400 rpm. The BMW X5 Security Plus accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.2 seconds and top speed is electronically limited to 180 km/h.

Thanks to its intelligent four-wheel drive system xDrive, the BMW X5 Security Plus is not restricted to driving on tarmac alone, but can also cope confidently with problematic off-road terrain. The cross-linking of the four-wheel drive with the stability control system DSC within the Integrated Chassis Management system (ICM) facilitates distribution of power that is optimally and precisely adapted to each driving situation. Taking into consideration the data supplied by the DSC sensors, iDrive transfers power at lightning speed to the wheels with the best traction.

The suspension featured by the BMW X5 Security Plus is perfectly adapted to the increased weight. For this purpose, specific suspension components such as springs and dampers have been employed and the software for suspension management has been adapted to the unique characteristics of a security vehicle. In order to further enhance superiority in demanding situations, the BMW X5 Security Plus features as standard a high-performance brake system, speed-dependent Active Steering and the Adaptive Drive system, comprising active anti-roll control and variable damper adjustment. In addition, the BMW X5 Security Plus boasts tyres with emergency running properties. This ensures that the tyres remain functional even after a total loss of pressure, e.g. after being shot at or after running over sharp or pointed objects. When the vehicle is partially loaded, they permit safe driving over a distance of around 150 kilometres at a speed of up to 80 km/h.

A further advantage of the protection concept available ex factory is the neutrally designed integration of all security components. Even to the practiced eye, security vehicles built by BMW can hardly be distinguished from corresponding production models. This does justice to customer demands for discretion and also provides passengers with a higher level of security.

At the same time BMW offers its customers comprehensive global support. This ranges from discreet consulting and all-round service to the supply of spare parts. All security vehicles are designed to facilitate maintenance and repair at regular BMW garages. The service also includes a company-owned pool comprising security and high-security vehicles.

Moreover, BMW provides special security vehicle driver training. These courses, which BMW has conducted for more than 20 years now, are offered at various grades, depending on the participants’ previous knowledge, and are held at several different locations worldwide. These training courses are conducted by highly qualified experts. The contents range from comprehensive theoretical tuition and practical vehicle handling to instruction on tactical behaviour.

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  • I have always wondered who can buy these things. I understand some high power, high wealth people may actually want these for protection from the bad guys and that makes sense. What does not is what if the bad guys want these to avoid the authorities or to move drugs, money etc. There was a reason AM General and later GM were not allowed to export the true humvee, so bad guys would not use them against us.

    I am also a bit amused that the security X5 is produced in Mexico… one of the countries I was thinking these cars could be used by the cartels for their own safety.

    Not sure how I feel about these things in general, but I recall a press convey in Iraq in the past 7 series (or maybe 5 series) security and the reinforcements had saved the passengers from a bomb of sorts.

  • I agree Michael. I also think, if you ARE in need of such a vehicle, perhaps it’s time to find something else to do that is a little less risky. 🙂

  • 135iPony

    Not to get into a huge rant — but I find Michael and GSK’s comments a little bit lacking in knowledge.

    There are many people (doctors, lawyers, business C-level/VP-level execs, engineers, artists, athletes) in Mexico and other countries around the world that are targeted by anything from terrorist organizations to organized crime groups/mafias to loosely-banded groups of kidnapping specialists.

    Countries like Mexico have socioeconomic disparity on a scale that most Americans don’t understand. Most people here in the US think that all Mexicans live in dirt huts in the desert and distribute drugs. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of wealthy people in Mexico. The problem is that there is a serious lack of a stable and sizeable middle and upper middle class required for the sort of social stability that countries like the US and most of Western Europe possess and often take for granted.

    There are plenty of good people around the world that have no links to organized crime that are targeted every day because they have high profile professions or inherited wealth. The lack of a good police force often means that many professionals have taken security into their own hands.

    Just because you may be the target of such a crime doesn’t make you a leader of a cartel.

    Let’s not jump to conclusions gentlemen.

  • Dan

    Those keypad buttons are totally for the rocket launchers, auto-targeting machine guns, and a few of the other usual refinements.

  • Dan Apr 15th, 2009 Link Those keypad buttons are totally for the rocket launchers, auto-targeting machine guns, and a few of the other usual refinements.

    I hope so =D

  • 135iPony: My comment was not a lack of knowledge. If you read my comment you will notice that I commented that some people who are not bad would require such protection and I am fine with that and understand how that works… heck go to Poland or the Czech Republic and there are good people there that need the same sort of protection for the same reasons.

    My comment was along the lines of who says who can buy these things… if bad guys (some form of illegal cartel or a powerful regime) can buy them essentially BMW is providing them (the bad guys) with protection. If there is a screening process, who does that? Bribes are easy to get things done in most places. In Russia they were importing US BMWs and replacing the vin plates etc. by bribing customs officials, the motor vehicle agencies and the whole lot up until their economy did a nose dive and spending all that money on bribes did not seem worth it anymore. It was a huge issue that many are unaware of.

    SO if bad guys get these things it is a bad thing and who is stopping them from getting them? This one of the reasons like I said before Humvees were not sold outside the US.

    That is all my comment was targeting, and Mexico in general was just used as an example of where the bad guys might want something along these lines for protection….. 3/4 of the world has similar issues to Mexico currently and I am very aware of it.