Made in Germany? (2009)

Last year around this time we featured an article on what BMW models are made where entitled “Made in Germany? ” . BMWAG has graciously done this work for us this year by releasing a list of production facilities, what models are produced/assembled at each plant and the total number produced at the plant for 2008. This saved us a good deal of time and we thank them!

Worth noting in this official document is that the 5 Series GT will be in production this year as will the X6 Hybrid, but there is no mention of the new X3 or X1 which are both expected this year as well (now possibly in the Spring of 2010?). If you are questioning BMW producing cars in Asia, you will be happy to know that CKD stands for Complete Knock Down, and these are cars produced elsewhere in kit form and assembled for the specific local market in which they are assembled.

Full BMWAG PDF can be found here.

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  • Rich

    Interesting to see the 3 Sedan being produced at so many different plants.. makes sense I guess since it’s their most popular model.

  • Rich- It is also produced in different locales, to hedge currency fluctuations as it is the best seller. Makes great fiscal sense to be able to move production to the locale that it is the cheapest to build.


  • rumball


  • bmw

    Still…I would never buy a bimmer made in China or South Africa…The whole point of buying a German car is to buy a car that have been built by German hands. Just my 2 cents.

  • Mark Smith a.k.a BMWPro77

    X3 is moving to Spartanburg, SC. USA. I believe the X1 will move to the Magna Steyr plant in Austria with the MINI Crossover.

  • Mark: The X3 is moving to SC definitely. The MINI Crossover will be built by Steyr- BMW promised them two generations of X3 initially when they struck the deal so the MINI (will NOT be Crossman as that name is owned by MANN which is owned by MB) will be heading there. The X1 and MINI appear NOT to share the same platform as some reported, the X1 will be based on a 1/3 series platform ie shortened E91 or lengthened E81. I have heard Leipzig or Regensburg but would not be surprised if all the info is wrong and MAGNA gets it- to achieve the volume they were originally promised.

  • RJ

    CKD – actually stands for Complete Knock Down…not a new concept by any means….MG used to ship CKD kits to Australia back in the 1960s, IIRC.

  • RJ- Sorry about that typo, not sure why it was written “kick”.

  • CycloneRcr

    I am actually surprised to see that they let this document to be released. But it is nice to see that.

  • Damien

    @bmw: I agree with you 100%!

  • Stephen

    I will NOT buy a BMW made anywhere but in Germany!!!!

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