BMWNA Z4 Press Conference

BMWNA today held a Press Conference to launch the new Z4 in the US. While the conference was very informative, to our loyal readers there was not much further information in regards to the Z4 outside the fact that European Deliveries will be available on May 20th.

What was welcomed, was the official confirmation of 6 new models being launched within 2009. The xDrive version of the 7 series, the 760Li/i, the X5 ///M, the X6 ///M, the 5 Series GT (F07/PAS) and a two mode hybrid of the X6 will all be introduced this fall/winter.

The X1 will also debut for markets outside the US this year.

We expect to see the official launches of the X1 and 5 Series GT at a similar time to last years launch of the 7 Series, so late June early July.

Image: Motorauthority

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  • Pat H.

    Was there any word on the new X3? The X1 is a welcome addition, but with an uncompetitive X3 I would really like to see them speed up the new vehicle.

  • JonPD

    Anybody else kinda wonder why vast amount of BMW development dollars are going to SUV’s (or whatever you want to call them)? Wonder if anybody is listening to the fact that a ever growing number of policy makers are making ever increasing demands on efficiencies of cars. Seems a tad odd to me to devote so much research and development dollars to what is long term a dying breed of vehicles.